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The Ultimate Survey!! VERY LONG!

Created by princessmakk01 and taken 411 times on Bzoink

Time Started?4:05
Eye Color?hazel
Hair Color?brown
Birthday?august 24th 1990
Your Hometown?orange
Your Present Town?costa mesa
Your Ethnicity?white
Screen Name?geekforjesus
Do You Wish You Had A Different Name?no rachel is good
What Shoes Did You Wear Today?vans slip ons
Favorite Food?ice cream
Favorite Color(s)?green, black, blue
What Kind Of Car Do You Have?dont have one
Do You Like It?dont have one
Are You Shy?when im around people i dont know
Are You Single Or Taken?single
If Taken Whats His/Her Name?-
Whats Your Dream Car?honda element
Favorite Band?right now???? dunno
Favorite Movie?dont have one too many to pick from
Favorite Show?right now??? south of nowhere
Whats Your Crushes Name?brian
Your Grade?10th
Your School?mater dei
Your Style?dunno
Whos The Shyest?becca
Most Outgoing?amanda and saron
Acts More Like You?amanda and saron
Loudest?tie...amanda or saron
Known The Longest?brenda
Richest?dont know
Most Popular? cant get 2 seconds to say hi
Most Athletic?lauren?? or becca...i dunno
Best At Basketball?see above
Best At Softball?saron
BESTEST Friend?amanda and saron
Most Blonde?meryl
Who Was The Last Person..
Said Hey To You?brian
You Thought About?saron
That Wrote You A Note?nicole
Told You Bye?katlyn
You Hungout With?amanda
Went To The Movies With?saron, elliot, mallory, michelle, and elliots friends
You Talked To On The Phone?saron
You Touched?amanda
Sing To You?dunno
You Fought With?alex
Took Your Picture?dont remember
Called You?brian
Bought You Something?too long ago to remember
You IMed?saron
You Hugged?amanda
Said They Loved You?my dad
You Kissed?my dad
Who Broke Your Heart?no one
Wrote You A Poem For You?saron
Who Texted You?lauren
You Hurt?i dont know...probably alex
Shared A Secret With?mallory
Watched A Movie With?my brother...we watched chicken run
Couldn't Stop Thinking About?no comment
When Was The Last Time..
You Cried The Most?march
Went On A Date?i dont know...that subject is really confusing right now
Got A Speeding Ticket?dont drive
Went To The Movies?2 weeks ago??? something like that
You Were Sad?march
Broke Someones Heart?hope i haven't broke anyones heart
You Said said what
Have You Ever..
Sat On Your Rooftop?no
Kissed Someone In The Rain?no
Danced In A Public Place?yes
Smiled For No Reason?yes
Laughed So Hard You Cried?yes
Peed In Your Pants After Age 8?yes
Written A Song?no
Sang To Someone For No Reason?yes
Performed On Stage?yes
Kissed Someone?yes
Made Out?no
Talked To Someone You Dont Know?yes
Gone Out Of Your Way To See Someone?yes
Been In Love?no
Been Rejected?yes
Fallen For A Friend?yes
Been Called A Tease?hope not
Been Hit On?yes
Stolen Anything?yes
Ran Away From Home?almost
Made Out With Just A Friend?no
Had Sex With 2 People In The Same Day?no
Had Sex With 2 People At The Same Time?no
Cheated On Someone?no
Been Cheated On?i dunno
Been Engaged?no
Street Raced?no
Been Skinnydipping?no
Made A Friend Mad?yes
Gotten Detention?yes
Gotten Expelled?no
Threw Popcorn In A Movie Theater?yes
Seen A Famous Person?yes
Lost Your Voice?yes
Whats The Best Feeling In The World?seeing my best friends happy
Whats The Worst?seeing my best friends sad
Whats The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?i met saron and amanda
Do You Smoke?no
Do You Drank?no
Have You Ever Been Drunk?no
Do You Have Any Tatoos?no
Any Piercings?ears
Who's Your Best Friend?saron and amanda
Favorite Movie Star?hilary duff
Idol?JPII and brenda
You Sang?no
Can You..
Write With Both Hands?kinda
Blow A Bubble?sometimes
Roll Your Tounge In A Circle?i dont think so
Cross Your Eyes?yes
Dance?not really
Touch Your Tounge To Your Nose?no
Stay Up A Whole Night Without Sleep?yes
Speak A Different Language?kinda
Impersonate Someone?yes
Prank Call People?yes
Make A Card Pyramid?no
Cook Anything?yes
In Your Family..
Who Makes You Laugh?alli...penguins!!!!
Who Makes You Cry?aunt pat
Who Is Strict?my parents
Whos Laid Back?grandma and grandpa
Who Makes You Think?ganny and papa
Who Do You Look Up To?my dad
Who Will Do Anything For You?my brother...if i threaten him enough...hehe
You Are..
Best At?reading??
Worst At?throwing a football
Did You Like This Survey?yea
What Time Did You Finish?4:16

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to graduate high school and go to college

a boyfriend or girl friend

finished a rough year of basketball

what kinds

Username:geekforjesus (user #154870)
Interests:(5) basketball, being weird, football, music, reading
Last Login:Monday, May 8, 2006
Created:2006-02-27 23:33:52
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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