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Self Overview:
1. Name: Kat 2. Age: 13 3. Fav Color: Purple 4. State/Country you live in: Italia 5. Fav Food: Cheese 6. Fav Movie: Gorillas in the Mist 7. Fav Candy: Chocolate 8. Fav Car: Smart Cars 9: School: MLA 10: Secret School Crush: Taylor 11. Favorite Season: Fall 12. Favorite Restaurant: this place with amazing italian pasta and italian soda in Catania 13. Best RP buddy: Casey or Gabbi 14. How long is your spring break: Two weeks and two days 15 Hair colour: Dark copper 16 Height? 5 foot 8 inches 17. Favorite Country: Italy 18. Most likely to be seen: Talking to people 19. Best Friend (in real life): Uh...god, too many...Diane, kirsten, haley, carolyn 20. Favorite dance move: jete 21. Favorite year of school so far: 7th 22. Any pets? If so, what/who: 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, 2 rats, and a dog (ebony, tigger, fiesty, crystal, henrietta, ostara, demetra, pan and amy) 23. Favorite dessert: Brownies 24. Favorite Breakfast cereal: Life 25. Best Song in your opinion: "In my Daughter's Eyes 26. Favorite class here: Transfiguration 27. Favorite quote: "No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, will never make you cry." ~Unknown 28. Favorite famous person: Christiane Amanpour 29. Favorite name: Domenica (u rule, sis!) 30. Are you in a relationship: No 31. Favorite type of role playing: Dramatic 32. Favorite story: Hamlet or Macbeth 33. Favorite sport: Dance :D yes, it's a sport! 34. Have you ever been out of the country you live in: Yes, many times! Svizzera, Francia, L'Inghilterra (England), Germania, Spagna, Belguim, Polonia (Polad), unita Dichiara (United States), Grecia, Algeria, Irlanda, Scozia (Scotland), Galles (Wales), Austria e Paesi Bassi (The Netherlands). 35. Ever been really sick: No, I hardly ever get sick I ♥ that :D 36. Have you ever had a pet die: Yes 37. What's your nickname: Kitty, Lèna, Kat, Katy, Kathy 38. Favorite pet's name: Ebony 39. Favorite Character from a video game: I don't play video games... 40. Favorite city: Venicia, Italia 41. Favorite animal: dolphin 42. Best place you've ever been: York, England 43. Favorite TV Show: I'm not sure 44. Reason to smile: my family and friends 45. Favorite song: "Hands"-Jewel 46. Favorite Vacation Spot: right outside my villa on the beach ;-) 47. Best pet: Ebony 48. If you could go back in time, and change one event without harming the world, what would you change: None, actually...because I would just have to learn that lesson all over again 49. What animal would you like to be: Dolphin 50. Who's your boy/girl friend: none 51. If I said, "MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What would you do?: Say hi and start a conversation 52. What would you do if I said, "Yo ho, Yo ho, A pirate's life for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!": Start singing the whole song 53. How long is your Summer break? About 2 and a half months 54. Favorite hairstyle: pony 55. Favorite song for singing loudly in the car: This One's For the Girls 56. Favorite flavour smoothie: Raspberry 57. Celebrity crush: none 58. Favorite anime: ick... 59. Favorite type of pasta: manicotti 60. Wavy or straight hair: Wavy 61. Who is the most important person in your life right now? Leslie 62. Job? Waitress 63. If you were told that the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today: Live my life the best I could for my last day

Go to Ivy Leage college, become marine biologist, write/publish book, make a difference


Finished elementary school Survived 6th and 7th grade Survived big changes

Color(s)-Purple and deep blue Food-Cheese Book-Macbeth Play-Moon Over Buffalo Movie-Newsies Musical-RENT Book Series-LOTR Band-Evanescence Singer-Jewel Song(at moment)-Promises, Lillix Show-Charmed Word-Oy Phrase-Oy with the poodles already

Username:gracefuleagle (user #102181)
Interests:(9) acting, dancing, drawing, love, music, outdoors, reading, singing, wicca/magick
Last Login:Friday, August 10, 2007
Created:2005-07-20 19:35:53
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:Latino or Hispanic
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School

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