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Self Overview:
I got my layout at elusivemoon.com!

This layout is from WhateverLife.com; get yours today!

Let's start with the basics... *
* -My name is Emma. *
* -I have a boyfriend. *
* -I love him to death. *
* -I have a great life. *
* -I listen to Heavy Metal,Alternitive,Ska, punk, and Rap *
* -I have alot of friends. *
* -Photography is my life. *
* -I want to be a doctor/photographer when im older. *
* -I have alot of confidence. *
* -I dont like people judging me. *
* -I like to read. *
* -and write. *
* -I love my family. *
* -I have red hair and I'm tall. *
* -I like to be gangsta. *
* -I love to pretend that I have kids. *
* -I LOVE banana's.. (the fruit) *
* My friends? *
* -I love them. *
* -They're crazy. *
* -Also, perverted. *
* -They're smart. *
* -we hang out alot. *
* My boyfriend? *
* -I love him to death. *
* -His name is Josh. *
* -He skates. *
* -He wears tight jeans. *
* -No you can't have him. *
* -He listens to heavy metal. *
* -His favorite band is Alkaline Trio (not heavy metal but whatever) *
* -His favorite color is Baby Blue. *
* -We talk on the phone alot. *
* My life? *
* -Yeah it rocks. *
* -I love it. *
* Yes, you can be my friend. Yes, I will try to post journal entries. Yes, I will make surveys and all that nonsence.

To be a doctor/photographer. Possibly, to marry Josh and have 2 kids with him.

Food, and.... for the Warped Tour to come already!!!

Getting my parents to buy me contacts

I dont know right now

Username:hopingtobefaithful (user #262073)
Interests:(12) hanging out with my friends, Myspace, acting Gangsta, acting like a kid., being dumb/smart, being on the rooftop, dancing in the rain, drinking Monsta, eating pixie sticks, Hanging out with my boyfriend, Music, Quizilla.
Last Login:Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Created:2007-07-03 17:26:18
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:No Answer
Religion:No Answer

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