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Iím no one special. Iím just your average everyday girl living in this hell of a place people call Earth.
Iím not really one to just watch time fly right on by. How I look at it, that time is your story to make, and well, who does like a boring story? So Iím one of those people who extremely misses the past, yeah those were the good oleí days. Being immature, no drama, and everything was just flat out easily described as great. But I suppose youíve got to miss something, right? So Iím not one to keep to myself. I just think thatís rather dumb. But I sure can rant up a storm. If Iím having a hard time, youíll probably know. I like going to people and just ranting to get different opinions on the whole thing. So Iím pretty mature, at least for my age. Why? Because itís seriously like I have to be. Iíve been threw a lot of shit and more just keeps on coming. I guess you can never really have a day of rest, aye? So Iím all about the peace anymore. Iím completely against fighting, arguing, all that shit. Why? Because thatís what seems to be making the world go round, and Iím just fed up with it. So, Iím not one to argue. Iím rather independent, and well Iíve always been one to lean on people for support, so itís a new thing for me. But Iíve always gone to others for well, everything, and look where thatís got me. So Iím that comic book nerd that sits at home and does nearly nothing but read comics. I blame my dad. I read the Wolverine and Kitty Pride series and got hooked. Iím all for Marvel, DC on the other hand, I think rather sucks. The characters are just flat out cartoon-ish. So I hate people that are all like ďMusic is my lifeĒ. Face it, itís not. If it were Iím pretty damned sure youíd be out there in a band or something, rocking out. And are you? I didnít think so. And well thatís pretty much it about me.

To ride a tricycle from my house to the place called SNPJ and back... Long story why.


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