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Hello. I'm Jamie. I'm a speed skater. I¢¾it! I also ¢¾ knee-high socks. I like to mix them. I have the greatest friends in the world so don't mess with them. I think elmo is cool so don't laugh. I am a cheerleader. Don't dis cheerleading. I used to have an imaginary hamster named Benny that lived on my head. Benny died when I was in 7th Grade. My friends say I'm blonde, but I'm not. I'm dirty blonde. I hate scary movies so don't take me to see one. Roses are amazing. I am a very random person so deal with it. Me and my friends are sooper crazy and we have so much phun. I like spelling words wrong like sooper and phun. I am a huge fan of individuality and bright colors. When I say nothing's wrong, something is bothering me. I¢¾spandex. I hate it when guys make soud effects to go along with their stories. Like "pppssshhhhhh" and "weee ooo weee ooo weee ooo." I call my self cool because to me I am. I am an only child. I¢¾music. I like living life to its fullest. I don't drink soda so don't offer me any. I am not a prep. I don't shop at Holister, AE, or Abercrombie I don't even think i spelled Abercrombie right. Don't give me sugar unless you like really hyper people. I don't like watching t.v. so don't ask me what my favorite t.v. show is. My bestest friend in the world is Laura Ann Frakes. She is amazing. I ¢¾ meeting new people. My favorite stores are Hot Topic, Wet Seal, and yes...i shop at Wal-mart. I am a dog person. Emo people are cool. Don't make phun of them. I like boxer shorts. Guy's boxer shorts. This is me. .Like it or not. I'm not going to change. So send me a message. Be my friend. I don't bite. Mabey. Jamii¢¾

have funn and live liffe to itts fullest.

to be with her friends. one inparticular.

favorittes are boring..c'me on pple show some variety.

Username:jellybean7with7 (user #233951)
Interests:(5) being a dork, friends, music, reading, skating
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Created:2007-02-20 10:16:30
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School
Religion:No Answer

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