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i dunno why my picture is distored.. *****************************************************

Finish the sentence.. [61]
i feel:bored
i want:christams
i am making:gas
i am wearing:scrubs
i am trying to decide:what to have for lunch.. yes.. i'm that intresting
my best friend is:stephanie
my favorite memory is:something i'd have to think about
my worst memory is:the day my dad died
my favorite vacation place is:anything tropical
i am:finding myself
i want to be:fearless
i try to hard to:do the best i can w/ what i've got
my fear is:zombies.. flesh eating zombies
my hopes are:getting jaded
when i get older, i:hope i don't have bladder control issues
i look:much younger than i am.. even though i am still young
i enjoy:life
i HATE:uninvited judgements
one thing/person i love is:the holidays
when i fall for someone, i:tend to center my thoughts around them
my favorite color is:green
my favorite television show is:heroes
a person i adore is:zack
a place i would go in a heartbeat is:anywhere
the person that i'm thinking about is:my husband
i love the way:christmas smells
a vexation of mine is:::skipped::
my favorite time is:i love the spirit of the 60s
summer time is:too frackin' hot
my life is:good at the center (like an oreo)
after school, i:don't go to freakin' school anymore
i am a:leo
one thing i can't live without is:air
i:am a smart ass
i'm trying to:understand things in general
it hurts when:we don't listen
like my father always says;:::skipped::
the hardest thing i've ever had to do was:let go
i NEED:food
before i go to bed, i:smoke
the first thing i do in the morning is:smoke
the best thing about life:people
i never knew that:this survey would be so frackin' long
my lucky number is:7
my room is:inside
i can't:stop now
i love going to:home
i cry when:i get a case of the crazies
something that makes me smile is:my family ::sappy::
i love the movie:howel's moving castle.. very imaginative
this survey is:too long
i am feeling:hungry
love is:a battle feild
traveling is:awesome.. i wish i had the money to do more of it
whores are:not for me too judge
it is time to:go to luch ::finally::
i am wearing:scrubs
i'm pissed off because:..i'm not pissed off
something about a person that turns me on is:eyes
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die another day

stability threaded with chaos (sounds fun enough)

i'm only 24, what do you want from me?!

killing the boredom, kicking ass, taking names, drinking.. responsibly (hey i'm a mom) :) brain farts (really they make life intresting

Username:jill06 (user #200988)
Interests:(4) arts, movies, music, people,life
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Created:2006-09-21 16:38:36
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:No Answer
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Children:Have Kids
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