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im jocelyn, i love to sing, i love to dance, esp. in the rain, i love peanut butter and jelly, people call me a "hippy", and i guess i technically am, but there are alot of things about me that are unhippyish so i think its unfair for me to call myself it. true i like to hang out in the rain and i want the rainforest to be saved, and hate war, and dont eat meat, and i love protest, but that doesnt mean you can label me. im me, and i guess after meeting me and getting to know me you can label me however you want to, i dont really care anymore everyone does it anyway no matter how much you tell them you hate it. im super nice to people until they are assholes/bitches to me, then i just try to ignore them. why waste my time ya know? but yeah, i easily make best friends but easily lose them b/c i spend entirely too much time with them and we get tired of each other. i've learned lately to limit my total time with people in order to keep things interesting. my friends and i buy frosty's and throw them at ppls cars for fun, im in love with local band shows, i love meeting ppl so add me, i dont know what else to say really you just need to talk to me to figure out who i am for yourself b/c i affect everyone differently, so come see for yourself if you like me or not. i feel like i can never make my profile "me" enough, so dont judge me by this.

to be successful in whatever i choose to do. oh, and graduate this year lol

car, thats basically it. im not too greedy. i hate money. its corruptive on so many levels. everything goes back to it.

i'll get to this later

Username:jozyland (user #149877)
Interests:(28) and ask me for ne thing else if i've forgotten. forgive me., arbys, beads, coloring, decorating, disliking self-loathers, drums, glass, hanging out with friends, kicking myspace in the balls cuz they dropped me and i have to recollect all my friends, lights, lyrics, making my own clothes, movies, music, parties, PETA, photography, polka dots, posters, silver jewelry, singing, spinny rides, spotting parking lot parties at meijers (?), stripes, talking to new ppl (and the originals), walking, walmarts at midnight
Last Login:Friday, February 10, 2006
Created:2006-02-10 17:24:14
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:Latino or Hispanic
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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