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i really don't like feeling out these things. my names Sara and I am currently what i think is in love with this boy named Sean and i could go on and on about him but i'm not going to because most likely you wouldn't continue reading.

Get into a good college and i will set more later on. But i have to pay for at least 90% of college.

to be in his arms right this second and never leave. I would be the happiest mo fo if the only people i knew and hung out with were emma(my best friend since i was 4) and her bf Alex(the little perv XD) and my bf. Like i can tell emma stuff i can't tell sean and she'll tell alex and alex and sean talk and sean makes it all better. if you don't understand your a guy.

i am in freshman classes and i am an 8th grader =D i am on the off season basketball team. i have more but those are my currents

idk what i'm supposed to put here

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Created:2007-12-16 19:23:33
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