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the name's katelyn. sixteen is the age, and i want to go back to when life was so simple. when i knew nothing, and believed in everything. everyday i learn more about myself, and have more of an idea of the person i am and want to become. so often people think they know you so well, but really they have no idea. "you can only see what i choose to show, there's so much more you don't know'". just by looking at me, you probably never would've guessed i play violin, but i'm always listening to screamo. my mother and i do not get along. but i love my dad to death, and my brother and sister are some of my bestfriends. i'll be the first to admit, that i'm a loner, but at the same time love to be around people. it just depends on my mood, which is always changing. i'm crazy, and love to have a good time. and i'll do just about anything you ask of me. i'm a smartass, and will give you my honest opinion. i forgive easily, and overthink anything and everything. i believe everyone deserves a second chance no matter what, and that everything happens for a reason. i won't be caught dead drinking milk. my best friend forever is kallie, and i love her more than most. she understands me like no one ever has or ever will, i would be lost without her. she's my unbiological twin. (: i read my horoscope everyday because i'm a loser like that. writing is my form of self expression, and photography is what i love. to me the camera shows you things about yourself that you never knew before. it makes you see yourself in a different way, and can hold onto memories that most people tend to forget about. and as for writing, it helps me get the thoughts out of my head, to try to make sense of them. it's a form of therapy and has helped to heal my broken heart. i'm complicated and confusing. but who isn't? i've learned not to get mad over the little things, and to love everyone until they give you a reason not to. people know me as "the girl with the long tongue" but that doesn't bother me. i'm a good listener, and love to talk. so add me(:

i want to get out of this small town, and make something of myself.

i want to be a famous writer, or photographer.


we should whisper is th best thing since sliced bread.

Username:katelyn- (user #338632)
Interests:(48) acting like a little kid, being bored, being creative, being home alone, being sarcastic, bitching about life, boys, daydreaming, doing what i want, drawing, driving around, eating out, etc., facebook, giving advice, going on vacations, hanging out with friends, having no rules, helping people, kissing, laughing, life, livejournal, making people laugh, meeting new people, music, myspace, painting, partying, photography, playing video games, playing violin, reading, reading my horoscope, sims3, skatepark, sleeping in, spending time with family, staying home alone, staying up late, surveys, swimming, talking on the phone, telling jokes, texting, watching movies, watching tv, writing
Last Login:Friday, August 20, 2010
Created:2010-06-27 13:00:29
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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