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The Übercool Questionary :D Your frickin' personality! Are you easily amused or hard to humour?:: Depends on who's tryna humor me Outgoing or no?:: Yea Are you at all competative?:: Sometimes Would you say you are emotional? Emotional in what way?:: Only when I need 2 be Are you social or are you more of a loner?:: Both YOUR stuff What does your favourite teddybear look like?:: Goodnight Bear (Care Bears) Whats on your walls?:: Drawlings from friends, Famous Stars & Straps hat, & a plain hat Name 5 random things on your desk right now:: Pen, Pencil, Paper, Phone, & Phone charger Do you have anything Disney in your room, if so, what?:: Nah Any thing black? If so, what?:: In my room? Nah What do you cherish the most in your room?:: Everythin Name 5 random cds from your collection?: Justin, Pretty Ricky, Beyonce, Jagged Edge, & Avant Do you have a dictionary? If so, do you ever use it?: Yea, when I need 2 Your favourite book:: The Rose That grew from Concrete- TuPac "The last" game Movie you watched:: Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Song you listened to:: Person you spoke with on msn:: I don't be on msn Comic you read:: Don't really read comics Thing you bought:: Food 4 lunch Thing you ate:: Subway Present you got, and from who:: None Pick one! :) Rory Gilmore or Lorelai Gilmore:: Both, I can't pick jus 1 Invasion or LOST:: Neither Blind Guardian or Dragonforce:: Neither Interview with the Vampire or Queen of the Damned:: Interview with a Vampire, did u not see Brad Pitt?!! Winter or summer?: In Texas, neither Pants or skirts:: Pants Frogs or snakes:: Neither Beer or wine:: Neither Joey Tribbiani or Chandler Bing:: Chandler Bing Halloween or Valentines Day:: Halloween At this very moment! How do you feel?:: Good You're thinking about?:: what u think I'm thinkin 'bout? What are you listening to?:: Over and Over - Nelly Close your eyes, move your head and open them.What are you looking at?:: My mama and my sistah What colour are your socks?: White Are you wearing any jewels?: Jus earrings Celebrities... Who do you think is the sexiest actor?:: I can't jus pick 1... Actress?:: I don't look at females like that... The best looking male musician:: Once again, 2 many 2 jus pick 1 Female musician:: 2 many 2 jus pick Which horrormovie villain would you be, and why?:: I wouldn't, I'd be a hero What do you think about Mel Gibson?:: He's coo people Do you like realityshows such as Newlyweds?:: Some of them Any not so known actors you like?:: Aubrey Graham (Degrassi) Which group of celebs would you gangbang?:: Huh? Random quessies XD Do you have any weird habits?:: Not really Your favourite colour:: Green and Blue The best author?:: Zane Does the lyrics of songs matter to you?:: Most of the time Whats the color of your panties right now?:: Light green Do you have any obsessions?: Not that I kno of... Ever been hit by a girl?: Does it count if it was my sistah? What Lord of the Rings character do you prefer?:: Legolas (Orlando Bloom) Any hobbies?:: Writin poetry, actin, and singin Ever made out with a boy?:: Yea A girl?:: Nah, ewe A donkey?:: Nah, gross Any favourite animal characters in animated movies?:: Not that I can think of right now... What are you listening to right now?:: I Changed My Mind-Keyshia Cole What is your pet's name, if you dont have a pet,what would it be if u had?:: Jazzmyne Where would you like to live?:: In a mini masion Do you have anything on your hands right now?:: Nah Beliefs Do you belive in God and Satan?:: Yea Vampires?:: Nah Ghosts?:: Spirits, yea That would be all. You can go now. Thank you for your time. Sayonara!;): Bye

graduate college

a steady long-term relationship wit a decent guy

graduated high school

writin poetry and acting

Username:ladylove (user #198391)
Interests:(5) acting, dancing, makin ppl laugh, Music, reading
Last Login:Thursday, August 9, 2007
Created:2006-09-06 17:55:03
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:Black or African Descent
Body Type:Average
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:High School Grad
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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