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Self Overview:
well all you out there my name is Kylie Paige and i am a 10 th grader at Nowhere Christian School and i love the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind! I love to be around my friends and hang out at the mall! Psalm 73:26 My heart and my flesh faileth but Gid is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!

My goal is to be a better Christian and to be a great Christian example for the younger ones at my school. along with that i would like to be an allstate athlete and to be the top of all my classes! But if i do accomplish all these things it will all be the Lords glory! i wanna really honor the Lord with my life and be a walking track for the Lord!

I would realy want the people in my life to get right with the Lord and to really serve him with all their heat. i want my school to be very successful in sports, acidemic, and especially spirirtual! i want my school to be the one that no matter if we win or lose that in everything that happens people will see the Lord in evey aspect of our lives! i want our school to make a difference in other schools but in other people lives!

I have accomplished alot in my life but i owe it all to the Lord! i had the highest average in Math and i made the all team in basketball. i have been fortunate that i have been on all varsity sports the last two years and i am getting better at the games i love and giving all the glory to the Lord in the way that i am going to play. when i walk down the streets, the halls, or even onto the ball courts or fields i want others to know i love the Lord!

My favorite: color- blue food- salad, steak and fries nba team- miami heat college team- Maryland nba star- Dwyane Wade and Shaq College player- Nic Canor-Medley, and Shay Doron best friend- amber and aaron

A "Getting to Know You" Survey
The Basics
Birthdate::jan. 3 1985
Birthplace::nowhere, nc
Current Location::nowhere, nc
Eye Color::blue
Hair Color::dirty blonde
Your webpage::this one
Are you taken?:nope
Are you a virgin?:yes
How many & what kind of pets do you have?:1 dog and 1 cat
What's your job?:school
What's your Dream Job?:pro ball player
Who is your best friend?:amber
What instruments do you play?:flute, piano
What are your hobbies?:playin ball and reading
What are your goals?:to be the best
Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?:no but i want to
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?:everything
How would do describe yourself?:athletic and independant
What is a topic you wish you knew more about?:english
What do you daydream about?:playing ball or boys
What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?:i believe that Jesus came to this earth and died for us on thqt cross and then rose again from the grave and now he is in heaven and he is coming back soon- Baptist
List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:
Either / Or
Shy or Outgoing?:outgoing
Spender or Saver?:both
Truth or Dare?:dare
Books or Movies?:movies
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?:both
Cats or Dogs?:dogs
Mountain or Beach?:beach
Sweet or Salty?:both
Do You...
Get annoyed easily?:yep
Like to travel?:sometimes
Like to drive fast?:yeah
Sing well?:nah
Want kids?:yep
-----What would you name a boy?:calob aaron
-----What would you name a girl?:kylie paige
Have You Ever...
Performed on stage? In what?:yeah, singing, playin piano, play ect
Been in a car accident?:yeah
Been out of the country? Where?:yeah, canada
What Is...
The last CD you bought?:wow 2006
The last movie you saw in the theater?:step up
The last movie you rented?:i dont know
Your greatest fear?:failure
Your greatest strength?:talking out
Your greatest weakness?:you
Your happiest memory?:being in the play
Your Favorite...
Movie::a walk to remember
TV Show::smallville, one tree hill, the unit, alcon beach, gilmore girls
Actor::brad pitt and tom welling
Actress::kristin kruek
Food::salad, steak, fries
Drink::sweet tea
Season & WHY::winter, i dont know
Day of the week & WHY::saturday, sleep in
Store::american eagle
Quote::you fall down 7 times you get up 8
What Do You Think About...
Abortion::it is wronge and should be illegal
God::he is real and he loves us
Jesus::he is the ine who died for us and he is part if God and the holy spirit
Satan::he is always trying to mess us up
Heaven::it is a place
Hell::a place that was made for satan and his followers but wasnt really made for us but we sinned and now people burn there
Miracles::could happen
War::if necisary
Ghosts::there out there
Reincarnation::cant happen
Karma::not really
Luck::not real
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Teens: Need to think plus fun! long but interesting and DIFFERENT

Created by tennnn and taken 3185 times on Bzoink

Do boys or girls have life easier & why?boys because they get to take action not the girl
If your best friends would be 100% honest, would you really like that?yep
Strict teacher who taught a lot or a fun who didn't?strict teacher i guess because i wanna learn
If you could travel into past, where would you go?to when Jesus was alive
Can you be trusted with secrets?Yes
What moment from ur past would u capture on video?when i would do stupid stuff with my friends
The person u dislike most: name something good about them.They try really hard
If you could be invisible, what's the first thing you'd do?go tell bad people to be good, and try to stop the war overseas
Did you ever get in a mess for telling a lie?yep
Pill to make you braver or one to make u smarter?both but the smarter one i guess
Would you rather more love or presents from ur parents?bith but every teen loves presents
Would you take offer to kiss a crush for $250 in front of ur class?yeah
Did you ever mess up a relationship?yep
If u could choose one perfect talent, what would it be?singing
Uniform or choose ur own clothes in school?choose to wear your own clothes
Are you in a hurry to grow up?sort of
If you had to change lives with a friend for a day, who'd u pick?Beth
What is one thing you'd change about ur parents?to let me go where i wanna go when i i wanna go with who i wanna go
Math or English?Math
Science or History?Science
Gym or Health?Gym
Bring or buy lunch?buy lunch
Bus or drive to school?drive to school
Ever been heartbroken?yep
If so, r u healed?sort of
What is the best quality u got from ur dad?my competitivness and athletic ability
Best quality u got from your mom?singing and being brave about confronting people
Worst from dad?attitude i guess
Worst from mom?always talking
Who are you closer to: mom or dad?both
Does your family approve of your bf/gf?dont have one
Would you pick your siblings as friends?yep
What are three most important qualities in a friend?honesty, always being there for them, and faithfulness
What is ur best summer memory of 2006?camp
Are your grades as good as they should be?they could be 100's instead of 95's
What are you most proud of having done?telling others to stop cussing
Last time you told your parents you loved them?today
Last time they told you?today
Would u eat a spider to meet ur favorite celebrity?maybe
If u found a purse with lots of money, what would u do?give it to athorities even thou i want the money
When is last time u laughed at urself for doing something silly?at the movies
If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be?no acne or my fatness
One thing about your personality?im crazy
Would u choose to be the most attractive, the smartest, or most athletic?most athletic
What do your friends like most about you?personality
If it could be that someone adored u, who would u pick?cant say
What's the best trick u played on someone?i dont know
Best birthday you ever had?13th birthday
In opposite sex, PREFER blonde or brunette?both
PREFER light or dark eyes?light
PREFER long or short hair?in the middle
Would you accept braces?yep
Would you accept glasses?yep
Would you date outside your race?i dont know
Would you date someone taller?yep
Someone shorter?maybe
Someone overweight?sure
Someone underweight?maybe
Would you date someone who wanted to wait a long time for sxx?yes
Believe in love at first sight?yes
What grade are you going into?10th
Is your bf/gf in same school?sure
# 1 quality (besides looks) in a bf/gf is....personality
Do you get lots of offers to hook up?nope and dont want to
How often do you do it?i never have
How old were you with first love?10 i guess
Do you miss that person or still with them?miss them
What do you think is the hardest thing about growing up?moving on
Best thing to do when you feel sad?eat ice cream or play ball
Anything that scares u even though u know there's no reason to be afraid?getting hurt
Ever blamed for something you didn't do?yep
What was your biggest failure?losing someone i loved
Would you rather repeat a grade in school OR gain 40 lbs?gain the weight
What do you dislike most about yourself?my fatness
Best thing about school?being with my friends
Worst thing about school?the work
If you got too much change in a store, would you tell them?yes
What really gets on your nerves?people not trying in sports when you know they could do better
What's most important lesson you have learned?to trust in the Lord and obey him and he will give you everything you want and always do your best
If u could read ONE person's mind, who would u pick?cant tell

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Username:lover0423 (user #172829)
Interests:(14) Basketball, biking, eveything, God, having fun, Maryland Terps, music, NBA, playing sports, playing with my dog, serving the Lord, swimming, Volleyball, WNBA
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Created:2006-05-22 15:36:39
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School

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