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I am Maddie. I am very tall (5'10) for a girl. I have long dark dark brown hair/black and my best feature is my eyes.I am a nice person and a good friend (I think) I like rock music, indie rock, some good pop, classical, jazz (alot really). I got this cooooool webbie off a buurdy! It's great fun! Anyway errrmmm I like surfing, sports, playing the piano errrmmm listening to music, T.V. Movies..lots really!!!

My goals are: To become a good surfer To pursue playing the piano To do well at school To build up a good collection of CD's (all of mine are crap - I nick my sister's) To stay alive until I'm very old and to have a good life really and reach all of the goals that I cannot think of now but have!

I want chocolate

This is hard, writing all this out! Errm, I have accomplished a certficate for piano grades! I have errrmmmm, become a nice person and a good buurdy, and errrmmm, I have no idea!

Favorites? Don't you mean can't even spell! Gosh! Well I have lots of fave T.V. programme is The O.C. or One Tree Hill. I like chick flicks, Disney films, Time Burton movies and The Phantom of the Opera. My fave colour is blue and my fave sport is surfing. Errm, I like colours, art, flowers, happiness (don't worry, I'm not a hippy) although I do like things to be mysterious and dark....

Username:maddiearenzo (user #121719)
Interests:(8) and also being silly" . Meaning that your not meant to write in full snetences! Whoops! Well I guess they shud put that warning at the top in future! :), and go biking, being silly, biking, dancing in the rain Incorrect: I like to listen to music, I've already said my interests really. I like surfing, music etc etc...You already know! Oh and I just read whats below..."Correct: music, sports
Last Login:Thursday, October 20, 2005
Created:2005-10-20 15:42:49
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School

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