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Self Overview:
Name: jESSICa AsHlEy JoHnsoN..WO0O What I gO by?: J-MEISTER! LOL idk..jess, jj , jlicious, beautiful.... is i named after anyone?: I was just a suvoneir.. My screename?: Reese8964 Would i name a child of mine after me?: lol no.. If i were born a member of the opposite sex my name would name be?: no umm..deiter.. If i could switch names with a friend it would be?: Kloi shae mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ my name constantly?: im either jessica lytle or jones..or jennifer... Would i drop my last name when I become famous?: hell change my first name too nameS i wish i had? i'd spell it how it sounds.. : Shawdae and KlOiI sHaE celebrity's last name I like most.: Brody~ Adam Brody that is and yes he is hott..hes having my babies! Would I change that to MY last name?: when i devorce my parents. I hsall become a brody and i will be a brody, then we will have little baby brody' Would I mErry A person with that last name?: no, I dont believe in marriage.. BirFday: mARCh 23 age:: 16 Age i act:: 30..lolj/k idk it depends on how i feel.. Age i wish i was: 18 so i can move to alaska to be with my nigger and have cock roaches as pets! BirFplace: SaN ANToniO Current Location: lYtLe~wHERE tHA HoEs aRe bOrN, nOt mAde gender:: Femizzle Straight/Gay/Bi:: all of the above.. Single?: heck yes! w0o0o doES i want to be?: no mo' drama no no no no drama!! Herritage: blaCK DUtch

NOT TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! to havea grand success in college and have a great career and to get out of this crappy town and do something big.. Changes are soon to come..

right now i want a pop tart, some ice cream, a dougnut and all fat..but i cant eat that stuff..

i made a/b honor roll wo0o0o for 2 six weeks! and passed a really boring college course!! wo0o

Username:reese8964 (user #128508)
Interests:(14) boys, coloring, drawing, eating, fccla, maevis, photography, school, shoes, sleeping, student council, talking,being active...., the mall, yearbook
Last Login:Saturday, November 19, 2005
Created:2005-11-19 12:27:37
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School

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