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What I want in a guy/girl
What color would you prefer his/her hair to be?:Black
How 'bout his/her eyes?:Grey or deep brown ;)
How tall?:Just a bit taller than me or same height
Would tattoos matter?:One would be alright
Are you looking for a confident or shy guy/girl?:Shy
Would you prefer him/her to be romantic?:Yeah
Would it be ok if he/she were a drinker?:Mild drinking is ok
A smoker?:No
Would you like him/her to be an animal lover?:Yeah
Do you prefer the mysterious or fun types?:A bit of both hehe
Does it matter if he/she were a nerd?:Preferably not
Goth?:No goths
Does his/her car have to be sporty?:No
Name one thing...
That you do NOT want him/her to do-:Be controlling
That you'd want him/her to do-:Hmm :P
That you look for in a guy/girl-:A unique personality
That you don't want him/her to have/wear-:Peircings on his face or skulls
This or that...
Hair or eyes?:Eyes
Hot or sweet?:Sweet
Poetic or funny?:Poetic
Energetic or layed back?:Layed back
Popular or shy?:Shy
Good listener or good kisser?:Hmmm...Good listener
Tanned or white?:White
Day dreamer or responsible?:A bit of both :P
Imature or mature?:Mature
Kiss in the rain or makeout at the movies?:Kiss in the rain
What if he/she...What would you do?
Was a cheater?:I'd break up with him
Did something he/she said he/she wouldn't?:I'd force him to admit it
Looked at other girls/guys?:Yank his ear hard? lol
Snored?:I'd live ;)
Broke promises?:I'd probably leave
Had an annoying laugh?:I'd live with it :P
He/she must be...
Hot?:He doesn't 'have' to be
Under the age of 18?:Yeah
Over the age of 19?:no
Sociable?:I don't mind
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Username:revaniel40 (user #241662)
Interests:(8) Art, internet, Ireland, Japan, music, outdoors, PS2 games, riding
Last Login:Thursday, April 5, 2007
Created:2007-03-28 22:27:55
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:No Answer

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