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My names Samantha, I go by Sam. Please Don't call me Samantha. I'm 15 years old. June 28th. My special day, don't forget it. :D Get me a pony? I'm your typical teen, just with a few more problems. But that's okay. Everything has problems, just some worse than others. Right? Yes. (: I hate people who think the world revolves around them and makes everyone about themselves. I've known people like them, and finally I was like fuck you. I hate people that think its cute to hit people. I hate people who won't get over themselves. I hate the color orange...Idk why really. I hate being ignored. Voicemails....they get on my nerves...espcially those gay ass ones where people try to trick you, they don't work, I know its not you dumb ass. I hate jealous people, but it's somewhat conradicting to say that, because I get jealous myself. Just not so easily. I have 5 siblings. 4 brothers and a sister. I love them dearly. Don't fuck with them, or I'll fuck you up. :D Got it? My favorite color is yellow. My favorite animal is the Frog, but a month ago it was a turtle. things change right? I live in a middle-class neighborhood in Moore, oklahoma. I've lived in Texas, South Carolina, and here in good ol' Oklahoma. I have a harsh addiction, I won't say to what, that list would never end. I party harder than most {you}. I like compliments, but don't over do it. Pick up lines, don't work with me. They are pathetic and retarded. I love all animals. I love everyone as a human being. I believe there is a difference between "I love you" And "I'm in love with you." I love to read, write, draw, dance, party, sing,color, and have fun. I regret nothing because at one point and time, its exactly what I wanted to happen. I live life to it's fullest. I don't lie. I don't like liars. I don't like fakers. I don't like assholes. I don't like the majority of guys because they are mostly assholes. If you wish to prove me wrong with that theory feel free to do so. I'm pretty friendly, but I can be a bitch. I don't take shit from anyone. "talk shit get hit." All I have to say. I either talk to little or to much, Test it out.

My passion is photography. I live my life for one reason, to capure something the way I see it, to capture the beauty of someone or something and hope that everyone sees it the way I do. Or to to see it the way i see it but the point of it is for everyone else to see it differently. If that doesn't work as planned, I have a backup plan. (: but I'll never tell.

I want to be someone. I want to be remember as not just anyone, but as someone who did something for people, who made people smile, laugh and cry from laughing so hard. :D I wanna make an impact on peoples lives.

I've broken almost every bone in my body. (: And I've had fuhn doing it.

Yellow. All music. Rent, the notebook, moulin rouge, igor, alice and wonderland. Anything by Sarah Dessen is good. Anne Rice is my favorite writer. Kyle Allan Stasikelis. :D BFF

Username:samispazz (user #336585)
Interests:(25) animals, art, computers, dancing, family, fasion, friends, hair, homework, laughing, life, makeup, movies, music, myspace. I think thats it. :D , other peoples problems, photography, pictures, Reading, school, singing, smiling, tv, video games, Writing
Last Login:Friday, February 19, 2010
Created:2010-02-19 15:33:51
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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