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HI ppl MY name is Brittany and a little over a month ago I moved to New Port Richey FLORIDA!!!!! From the same old same old Coventry Rhode Island!!! Lol can you handel it???? I am obsessed with things like this I have a myspace, blogger,bolt 2 online journals,xanga and proble mor that I dont know about lol!!!! My b-day is May 14th and i was born in 1990 so that makes me 15 what now???? anyways I am like madd hiper and as you may know I am the one the only (drum roll) SEXPOT!!! Can you handel it???

I would like to pass school find a good job and I think it would be cool to find out what i really want to do in life!!!

I really want an Ipod mine is going to come in the mail but ya know how that goes it is probley a big fat scam!!!!

to um pass this grade and to get my license!!!! How hot I can get it sooner than I would in Ri were I just moved from!!!!! For ones that I have made i manged to mve here um, pass some classes (I think) get asked out um been crushed on lol and swichin schools gettin over my fears and i flew in a plane for the first time last month!!!!

Um i love music I would not be able to live with out it!!! I love the phone , internet, chat lines , prank calls, pizza, my girlz, hot guys ,blogging like this, changin my prefrences for screen names and blogs and things like that,to go for random rides in the car, lunch at school, shopping ,friends, getting my nails done, getting my toes done, spending money, buyin things , startin shit , havin fun, botherin ppli, shocking ppl, getting things for free, cool websites, to play games, to get adrenilin rushes they are great!! And i could go on forever more!!!

Username:sexpot514 (user #120863)
Interests:(6) and also being silly um how gay they tell u how to do shit!!! , and go biking, being silly, biking, Correct: music, dancing in the rain Incorrect: I like to listen to music
Last Login:Sunday, October 16, 2005
Created:2005-10-16 01:14:34
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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