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Self Overview:
I'm Ashley and I probably don't like you. But in the off chance that I do-sup beeeeeotch?! This is the box where I talk about myself. Yay for forced self-absorbedness! I am quite the liberal feminist, though I hate Kerry as much as Bush and I'm not a Lesbian. I am very open minded and enjoy debating people on politics and domestic issues. Unusual for a 17 year old, but I enjoy being smarter than the girls who'd much rather spend time on their knees trying to get boys to like them for their sucking abilities (though being on your knees isn't so bad ;)). Don't mistake that whole "Girls are Whores" rant for cockiness- I don't like myself that much. :P I am music lover, though I suck at singing and playing the Bass that is collecting dust in my closet. I have an affinity for Rock, Alternative, Pop-Punk, Punk, Ska, Emo, Screamo, and Hardcore. I am a lyrics whore, which plays into my love of words/writing/poetry/books and the like. I am an admitted Emo Kid, and just a generally sensitive/hopeless romantic person in general. I am in love, and have been for the past year with my lovely fiance Matt. Yeah, 17 and engaged-and we don't fuck like jack rabbits! *Gasp* Again, I'm unusual. We both actually believe in love and marriage and take both very seriously. And if you have anything negative to say about that, feel free to debate me on it: I dare you. That's enough rambling. If you wanna know something, message me.

Go to AACC and get my Baking/Pastry Certificate, marry Matt, become a successful Baker and momma-basically have a bitchin' life with my baby. <3

White Cheddar Cheese Doodles and Ice Tea at the moment. In the long run, sex in an airplane bathroom.

Not being a slut/drunk/druggie/ignorant teenager like most of my peers have done; being successful in school since elementary school when I realized I was born to be "The Smart Girl" and that I wasn't gonna use my body or anything but my intelligence and good heart to get me places in life (yeah, I was smart for a 5 year old); finding the love of my life at age 16; being awesome.

Band: Coldplay, at the moment
Movie: Cruel Intentions
Color: Baby Blue
Food: Cheesecake
Season: Summer
Place: Bahamas, beachy/naturey places
Time of Day: Night

Username:shweed02 (user #133528)
Interests:(19) joyriding, being an Emo Kid, books, cemeteries, coffee houses, concerts, cooking/baking, dancing in the rain, etc., fan fiction, living, love songs, movies, Music, poetry, reading, snow kisses, vintagey things, writing
Last Login:Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Created:2005-12-10 23:02:52
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School

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