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I hate writing in these things. I am who I am. Society doesnt waiver my opinion of fighting back. I dont smoke, I dont party, I dont drink, I dont have sex, I dont do drugs. Um, Im freakishly pale and cant tan. I dont have the right pigments in my skin or something. I also burn REALLY easy. I paint my nails black. I wear t-shirts and jeans most of the time. Sometimes I get creative. I dress up in weird get-ups and go into public because I thrive on dirty looks. I go to my neighbors house when he's not home and eat his food while watching his cable television. I like to paint my face black and then go to highschool wrestling matches. Live sports intrigue me, televised sports suck. I write poetry and stories. I love the feeling of falling in love but it seems that I dont like the feeling of hitting the cold floor. My mind wanders constantly and I dont focus well. Sleeping is my favorite hobby. I hate to cook. I cant stand eating cooked vegetables, but green beans are good. I occasionally watch porn, but I dont make a habit out of it. I love horror movies. I swim with my clothes on. I collect batteries. I can speak a little Egyptian. Im a good student and daughter. I write with any free time I have because I adore it. I like to makeout. My only real social life is on the internet; mainly yahoo and AIM. I only write in pencil because pens are messy. I dont wear any coverup or lipstick. I wanna cuddle with a loved one while watching movies. My name is Emily.

To graduate high school and get into a cinematography field


Successful plays, published works of literacy, high IQ

Username:silencethemasses (user #185177)
Interests:(15) chatting online, cinematography, driving, eating, football, listening to music, making out, paintball, playing guitar, reading, singing, sleeping, swimming, video games, writing
Last Login:Sunday, February 18, 2007
Created:2006-07-12 13:37:21
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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