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I'm a friendly caring 20 year old female from Erie PA. I go to Tri-State for digital graphics. I live with my grandparents for the time being untill i get can my own house. Well me and my boyfriend want to get a house together. I have a huge family. Been thru alot but that only made me stronger for the future. I try not to dweal on the past even tho it can be hard at times. But the past is in the past for a reason and you cant change it you can only better yourself for tomorrow. I know I've bettered myself. I better myself everyday. I did make mistakes and i probaly always will but i know that i wont give up! i know i wont look back!

I want to graduate from tri-state and get a real good job and get a house of my own. I want to have kids some day. One day i want to own my own design company.

I want to live a long happy life. I know that sounds cheesy but its true. i dont want to relive the pain i have my entire life. I want to be able to provide for my family. My parents have made mistakes and all. I really dont hate them for it but i want to learn from their mistakes.

Well I've come a long way since i was 15. And i plan on going even further. See i dropped outta high school and went back to get my GED. I failed it twice. I wanted to give up but i didn't. I knew i had to push myself a little farther. Now im in college

hmm where do i start? My fav movie is a walk to remember, color is pink, book is a child called it, song is, well i have a few, fav football team is the steelers, fav sport is soccer, fav person is, well ppl, my grandma my grandpa and my boy friend joe

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