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hi im jackie im 16 and i go to farmington highschool. i live in the in a trailer park and i like to hang out with my friends when i get the chance. im 5'6 and i have blonde hair an average body. now my family wow thier crazy. my mom try her hardest to keep her family together. a big sister jessica who i adore but she can be a pain in the but some times and i have a little sister jenny who is just the sweetest little thing you can ever want not. my family crazy but if you call them that i would have to kick your ass. lets see my friends wow theres johnny hes like my best friend he know everything about me and i know pretty much everything about him. we like to go to the mall and hang out with each other no matter where we are if were in a car driving to the store me and johnny will have an awsome time. then theres chelses that bitch is crazy but i love her all the same. chelsea can say the stupidest things and make me laugh. then theres diana she funny but can be a bitch if you mess with her family or friends but i love her the same. then theres my girl becky i love her to death. we love to hang out anywhere with no parents the same with my girl angela thier sisters but they act totaly different. but sometimes i get them mixed up most of the time. then theres my girl brandy she funny but quite. then there my home girl courtny she funny as hell i love this chic i cant stand one day with out hanging out with courtney. me and courtney can just sit in my room and talk about guys and anything else that comes to our minds and bust out laughing. then there my girl katie this chic is awsome i love her to death she can make me laugh no matter what mood im in if i could get all my friends together in one place it would be one big laughing party. my friends call me crazy i pretty much am but im a cool kind of crazy. thats it anythign else you wannna know just ask.

to become a nurse or writer

to help my family out with all thier needs


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