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I'm an easy person to get along with as long as you don't piss me off... Like my roomate Nick who is gonna end up with a suspicious blow to the head soon.. >.>. hehe. I have a lot of energy and I love having a good time. I love laughing too. I like meeting new people and I like making new friends. The only problem with friends is that they like to stab you in the back, talk shit about you, and involve you in their love life and drama. Well.. guess what? I graduated from High School and left all that drama so don't bring it here. I am a good listener but only if you can listen too. I don't backstab. I don't spread lies and rumors. I believe that I am a really good friend to have. And I only say shit that I can say to your face, and I expect the same. Too much for you? Well then take a hike. All the others.. don't be afraid to message me. I am a total Myspace whore so don't hesitate to look me up. Under my email addy: Don't worry about the name all you paranoid people.. I have had it for years. :) Good day.

My goal is to meet new people in my area I guess. I moved here from Maine in October and I am learning my way around quite well.. but I still have a lot to learn. Where I'm from was a small town so this big city is something to get used to. I would also like to start babysitting in my house and what not so if you know anyone, refer them to . That's for people who are looking to babysit or looking for a babysitter. Anyways, soo umm yea

I want to be able to: keep my house clean lol Get a washer and Dryer Start babysitting Make new friends Start making more money yea anyways, the list goes on and on

Graduated from High School >.>

My favorite TV show is Charmed! I am so pissed off that they are ending the season! Heh. The only time I don't answer my phone is on Sundays from 8-9pm. :P My favorite food is Pasta. I love italian! Especially shrimp linguini. ( Yes I am from a seafood state. lol. ) My favorite color is Green. I think that I picked Green because it was my favorite color for a long time and then I just stuck with it after a while lol. But I really like all the colors except for like yellow and orange and all that crap. Enough with the favorites though, anything else just ask me. :)

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