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My Name Is Trina, My AIM Is skelingtonsbride. I Love Tattoos And Piercings. I Want A Two Hump Camel And A Bunny. I Sometimes Think Life Would Be More Beautiful And Simple If It Were In Black & White And Silent. I Love Music, Its My Everything. I Can Sit In My Room All Day With Headphones On And Laying On My Floor And Still Be Content. Im A Big Texter And I Live For In N Out And Disneyland. If Im At Disneyland Theres No Other Issues In The World. Ive Been Called A Bitch By Too Many People. If I Dont Like You, Youll Know, But Ill Only Be A Bitch If Youre An Asshole And Trust Me You Dont Want That. I Dont Wear Make Up Or Do My Hair Nice Unless I Have A Good Reason To. I Dont Wear Dresses Or Skirts, I Just Got Started On Shorts One Step At A Time People. Im Addicted To Buying T-Shirts. Some Girls Buy Shoes, Some Girls Buy Purses, Me?? I Buy As Many T-Shirts As I Can. Ill Spend 24/7 In My Pojams Unless Somebody Comes Over Or I Leave Menifee. I Swear Pojams Are The Most Comfy Things To Put On Your Body Sence Tattoos And Piercings. Im Me And Im Real, No Need To Put Me In Any Special Catergory. Im A Fun, Loud, Nice Person. I Make Lots Of Weird Funny Faces And Noises. I Love Video Games. Ive Had Nintendo All My Life. I Can Beat Anybodys Ass At Mario Kart Double Dash. Dont Believe Me?? Bring It On Bitches!!! I Love All 3 Of My Dogs. Im A Big Animal Lover. Ive Always Wanted To Work With Animals. Ive Got Plans To Do So In The Future. Im Not Too Big On Family, At Least Not Mine. Too Much Drama And Tragidy. I Love My Sisters Family Though. Im Really Easy To Get Along With.

To Become A Baker Or Own My Own Pet Store/Pet Grooming Store.

Not To Much, Just To Be Happy And Traeted Right For Once.

Disneyland, Music, Animales, Tattoos, Piercings, Movies, Animales, Sports, Disneyland, Music, and sometimes i like to combined music and disneyland...

Username:trina1221 (user #200656)
Interests:(11) and sometimes i like to combined music and disneyland..., Animales, Animales, Disneyland, Disneyland, Movies, Music, Music, Piercings, Sports, Tattoos
Last Login:Thursday, November 23, 2006
Created:2006-09-19 16:39:14
I smoke:No Answer
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In College
Religion:No Answer
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