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Self Overview:
I'm a young mother of two wonderful and beautiful children. I'm in my early twenties. I'm an honest, caring, and down to earth person. I'm different then most in alot of ways. I believe in having morals and standards in life. I'm outspoken. I'm not the type who just wants to fit into the crowd. I like to be different. I strive to be different, and I teach my children to be different, be their own person, and have their own ideas, hopes, dreams and goals in life. I'm not a greedy person, but I won't settle for anything less then what I deserve and I won't let my children settle for anything less. I have a wonderful man in my life. I thank God everyday for bringing him to me. He has changed my life for the best in so many ways imgainable. I know at times I make him furious, but I love everything about him and would never in my life hurt him in any way.

My main goal in life is to raise two of the best men in the world. Teach them about the important things in life. Learn them how to love, to be honest, to be their own persons, to be happy,to be respectful, understanding, and to be able to apprciate things, and to appriciate the small things in life. I also want to learn them that today is not promised and tomorrow neer comes, so don't take anything for granted, even the small and simple things, because you never know what you really have until you lose it. I also want to learn them (and learn along the way, myself) something I have trouble doing.... how to trust, when to trust, and who to trust.

I just want to raise my kids into two beautiful individuals inside and out. I want to make them proud of me, and let them know that everything and anything I do in my life is for them. I want to learn them that you have to work for what you want, that nothing can truely handed down to you, because if you didn't earn it, then it was never really yours in the first place.

My two biggest accomplishments are having my two children, being strong enough to stand beside them, to be able to raise them on my own, and to be able to teach them and guide them along the way.

Hmmm my favorites..... Well my two most favorite people in the world is my two children. I like to listen to music, write poetry, relax and just chill with my closest friends and family members. I like art. I like learning new things. I like meeting new people. I like to help others.

Username:twiztidmomma (user #216990)
Interests:(26) adolescent psycology, ancient egypt, and so and so on., and well having fun., art, baking, cooking, creating things, criminal and regular psycology, criminal justice. I like to learn about the old famous out laws, criminal law, criminology, decorating, famous mass murderers. I like to learn of what they done, famous serial killers, forensics, how they done it. I question everything if you haven't noticed that by now. I like photography, I am interest in music and poetry. I write songs and poems in my spare time. I like art, law, learning more and new things about our World history. I love studying about ancient Egypt. I'm interested in law, music, poetry, psychology, what made them do it, why they done it, world history
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Created:2006-12-07 17:18:55
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
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