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~ To stay with Andrew for the rest of my life.
~ To become some type of Psychologist.
~ To move to England with Andrew after trveling the world.


~ To always be happy & to live life however i want to live it!.


~ I have found the love of my life.
~ I have moved out of my father's house.
~ I know what i want to go to college for.
~ I have found myself.


food: anything my mommy makes.
band: bauhaus, depeche mode, & alien sex fiend.
color: grey, black, silver, neon green.
animal: orcas, unicorns, saint bernards.

Username:wakenotthedead (user #101235)
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80's songs, absinthe, Albert Fish, art, bats, Beetlejuice, betty page, black eyeliner, blood, body modification, book stores, books, boots, candles, cannibalism, cats, cemeteries, Charlie Manson, chemistry, Chinese food, Christopher Walken, climbing trees, clothing, coffee, comedy central, computers, corsets, criminal psychology, dark wave, death, deep thinking, drawing, dreadlocks, dressing up, Edward Gein, Egypt, Elizabeth Bathory, execution, fairies, fantasy, fire, fishnets, full moons, funny words, gargoyles, genocide, German, Germany, glam rock, gore, goth, gothic, gothic culture, graveyards, hair dye, Halloween, Hitler, homicide, horror, horror movies, human mind patterns, independent, industrial, insomnia, Internet, Italy, jack the ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Johnny Depp, kilts, lace, leather, Lestat the vampire, literature, London, Marilyn Monroe, matches, moonlight, murder, music, mythology, nazis, new wave, night, old movies, ouija, pain, painting, photography, piercings, pirates, poetry, psychology, punk, rain, rape, razors, reading, Richard Ramirez, ripped fishnets, romanticism, safety pins, sarcasm, Satan, Satanism, serial killers, sewing, shadows, Shakespeare, shopping, similar minds, skulls, snakes, spells, stars, Stephen king, storms, suffering, suicide, swords, tattooing, tattoos, techno, technology, Ted Bundy, the 20s, the dead, theater, thinking, thunder, torture, trance, transvestites, travel, true friends, underworld, utter silence, vampires, vampirism, vamps, velvet, Victorian, video games, vintage clothing, wanting to learn, weed, wicca, wondering, writing, x-men..., yoga, yogurt
Last Login:Monday, July 18, 2016
Created:2005-07-18 07:54:21
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Body Builder
Education:In High School

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