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Jessie Ann. - She is.. Sick and Tired. Shy and Friendly. Loving and Caring. Broken and Whole. Terrified and Excited. Careful and Careless. Confident and Scared. Everything and Nothing. Cooperative and Stubborn. Hardworking and Determined. Misunderstood and Misguided. - She.. Wishes on Stars. Dreams her Dreams. Prays to God. Crys her Tears. Listens to Others, when they wont Listen to her. Walks on Eggshells, and Walks on Fire.... She Believes in Passion. - Her.. Birthday is June 12 Best friend is Lane. Favorite colour is Turquoise. Favorite movie is The Green Mile. Favorite book is The Host. Favorite food is Strawberries. Favorite phrase is 'Sounds interesting, but i really dont care.' Favorite number is Thirty-Seven. Favorite song is Listen Up. Favorite restaurant is Applebee's. She has alot of favorites, dont she?

Get through life in one piece, Confess my love for Kris, Make up with Andrew(I broke up with him, so he hates me), Rise my Self-Esteem, Become a successful Nurse, or Doctor(Non-Surgical).

A SmartCar, A Million Bucks(But i ain`t gonna get it.), A Life Time Supply of Chocolate.

Staying on top of the rest of my class(Academic wise), Becoming a Half-Way-Decent artist, Managed to have one friend which i don`t fight with(Lane).

I think i already named all these, but ill repeat for those air-heads out there... Colour;;Turquoise. Movie;;The Green Mile. Book;;The Host. Food;;Strawberries. Phrase;;'Sounds interesting, but i really dont care.' Number;;Thirty-Seven. Song;;Listen Up. Restaurant;;Applebee's.

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Interests:(6) Art, Books, Friends, Kris, Looks, WWW.
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Created:2009-07-05 23:57:35
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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