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my name is Taylor. i'm bi. I dont own a compus so im not a good person to get lost with My favorite thing to do is to ride around in a car with your best friends and not know where your going,someday i would like to own a ball pit like the one at mcdonalds only bigger . i have a new red mustang for a car...its pretty nifty i must say. Sometimes i watch saturday morning cartoons with my little brother, my favorite one is this one about pirates.if you creep me out i probably wont talk to you (sorry). i like to misspell words sometimes just for amuses me, but i hate when people correct it. I like not knowing whats gonna happen tomorow, and when im not being nicks copilot in his spaceship(thats when i turn into pants, and nick is boots and we fly places)im ususally eating raviolie becuase it's good ive been camping once and i caught a fish. i dont like oreos but i like keebler cookies, especially those ones that look like elves and they have the chocolate in the middle, so what if i wear tight pants they look nice. my bottom lip was stolen from a black person and dyed white. i hate cocky people becuase its annoying. ive never found a four leaf clover. i bought a lotto ticket once and lost a dollar. i like my hair better when its dirty. but not really gross dirty. i like to go in scary places with friends. i DONT have msn or yahoo BUT i do have aim my s/n is WTFitsTaylor. - - - if your reading this and dont like it then LEAVE and never come back i swear i wont lose sleep over it. yes i wear girl pants...they are pretty. get on my bad side...and get ready to feel the wrath. not alot of people get on this bad side of mine but once you are on it good luck trying to get off...ehem. and if your going to hate me, hate me for me you stupied bitch.

make it with my band


Username:wtfitstaylor (user #120198)
Interests:(4) cookies, danceing, marching in circles, music
Last Login:Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Created:2005-10-12 19:15:45
Status:Major Player
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School

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