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Self Overview:

BaSiC InFo
Name:Sakiyah James
Current Location:computer room
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:black
What's Your....
Zodiac Sign:Aires
Ethnicity:Black or African Decent
Body Type:more to love
Favorite Food:have none but probably subway and quiznos
Favorite Drink:strawberry smoothie
Baseball Team:have none, don't like baseball
(when) Bedtime:whenever
Favorite Color(s):black, silver, dark colors
Favorite Letter:A or Z
Favorite Number:21
Favorite Animal:black panther, white wolf, white tiger
Favorite Messenger:yahoo
Favorite Store:Wal-mart
Most Missed Memory:none
Best Physical Feature:my eyes
Overused Phrase:"you bastard"
First Thought Waking Up:gotta go to the bathroom
Goal for this year:lose some weight
Weakness:being told what to do
Fears:none, but i hate cockroaches
Heritage:African American
Longest Relationship:none, have never dated someone
School's Name:DA
Favorite TV Show:Sailormoon, Gundam Wing, anime in genre
Have You Ever....
Smoked:mom did it so i wanted to try, but never do it again, i was 5 at the time
Dyed Your Hair:no, but i want to, but probably never will
Shoplifted:no, but i took bubble yum when mom wasn't looking when i was 4
Tried To Do The Splits:yes about 7"inches from doing a whole one
Tried To Do A Backbend:yes but someone helped me
Tried To Do A Cartwheel:yes don't know if i still can
Tried To Do A Handstand:yes, in the pool and out, but i don't know about the out
Tried To Act Perfect:yes, and can do it flawlessly
Get A Detention Of Any Kind From Not Doin Anything:nope, never a detention for any reason
Skinny Dipped:hell no, to embarassed
Had Sex:no
Kissed/Huged An Opposite Sex:yes, hugged all the time but kissed 3 times on the lips but we're friends
Kissed/Huged The Same Sex As You:yes, hugged but never kissed
Been Dumped:no, never had anyone
Done Drugs:hell no, and not gonna try any either
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend:no one likes me
Ate Sushi:hell yes, i love and live for sushi
Loved Someone:yes, fell in love with, but falling for someone else
In A Guy/Gurl....
Fav Eye Color:grey or the ones that change color
Fav Hair Color:black, but whatever looks good on them
Short or Long Hair:depends, if it looks better short or long on them
Height:taller than me so at least 5'11, but still taller than me
Weight:doesn't matter, personality comes first
Looks Or Personality:personality always
Love or Money:love
Hot Or Cute:both, either, and doesn't matter
Drugs and/or Alcohol:better not do either, but can drink every once in awhile
Muscular or Really Skinny:if he can hold me doesn't matter
Sexy or Shmexy----> lmao!:either one
Random...:i'm random, so he probably needs to be too, but still can handle my randomness
How Do You Want To Die?:in my sleep or just quick
What country do you want to Visit:Japan, Brazil, Russia and every other country in the world, just wanna travel everywhere
Been to the Mall Lately:yeah, try to go at least twice a month, not to shop but to hang with friends
Do you like Thunderstorms:hell yes, and when its the really windy kinds that makes it better
Shower Daily:yes
Do you Sing:no, but my friends say i can sing a sad song okay
Want to go to College:yes, wish to be outta high school so i can go
Clothes:shirt and shorts
Hair Do:just black on my head
Phone:cell phone
Phone Number:not giving it out unless you ask
Weather:hot but cool inside the house
Website(s):myspace and collarme

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You've been totally Bzoink*d

lose weight, go on a date, gradute from high school, go to college, get a nice job that i like that pays well, have a family, and just be happy, to look in the mirror and say i look okay, not good but okay

a boyfriend, someone who will wrap their arms around me and not ask me to wrap mine around them, a car, someone to say they like me and mean it, to not be played and to for once have a man that doesn't do shit and says he's gonna do the right thing, but also do it

i went to Austraila, an accomplishment for me because it started my traveling to the countries i wanted to co to, i got a few great friends, when i used to have none

simple things, movies, mall, walking at the beach, talking about whatever, listening to music, reading, writing, taking pictures, driving, tv, anime, cross necklace i got for my birthday, and many others

Username:xanagorax (user #179568)
Interests:(10) anything and everything, being me, cooking, dancing, getting out of the house, going anywhere, hanging out with friends, just doing anything i can do to not be bored, martial arts, music
Last Login:Monday, June 26, 2006
Created:2006-06-20 21:34:30
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:Black or African Descent
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Religion:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
Public Gatherings
Random hanging out
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