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Author: bewarethekarma
Created: November 6, 2004
Taken: 248 times
Rated: G

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Colorized Randomness

Created by bewarethekarma and taken 248 times on Bzoink
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What's your favorite kind of apple?
Strawberry shortcake or strawberry ice cream?
Stop signs - how many sides do they have? [don't cheat!]
Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?
Do you run red lights?
Orange juice or orange smoothee?
Do you like Orange Julius?
Make up a word that rhymes with orange and define it:
What was the name of the orangish Care Bear?
Do you like orange marmalade?
Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days?
Do you like lemon cake or lemon meringue pie more?
Do you run yellow lights?
What\'s your favorite yellowish flower?
Do you like yellow or pink lemonade more?
What's your favorite green plant/shrub/tree?
What does green make you think of?
Do you turn green when you're nauseous?
Why aren't there any green mammals?
What's more nauseating - lime green or olive green?
Do you like blues music?
Does the color blue make you sad?
Why is the sky blue?
Would you ever die your hair blue?
Are bluebirds and bluejays the same thing?
Is Tinky Winky your favorite Teletubby?
Why do so many old people wear purple?
Do you know a guy who wears purple or pinkish purple?
Have you or anyone you know ever had purple hair?
Why is Prince so obsessed with all that is purple?