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Author: beatingheartsss333
Created: April 14, 2007
Taken: 327 times
Rated: PG

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have you ever (for girls)

Created by beatingheartsss333 and taken 327 times on Bzoink
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some simle have you evers.
been shopping
bought a thong
bought a bra
been to the movies
been on a date
been out to eat
been to a party
played spin the botte
kissed someone during spin the botte
got in trouble with the principal
got suspendid
got a detention
skipped a class
got in trouble for skipping a class
been on aim for more then one day straight?
hugged a girl
hugged a guy
kissed a girl
kissed a guy
held hands with a girl
held hands with a guy
linked arms with a girl
linked arms with a guy
had sex with a guy
made out
been to a concert
done drugs
drank alchol
got drunk
drank without getting drunk
fought with ur best friend
fought with ur parents
fought with siblings
heard ur parents fighting
had a fight on the phone
hung up on a girl
hung up on a guy
been hung up on by a guy
been hung up on by a girl
broke your cell phone
broke your house fone
prank phone called someone
been prank phoned called
prank imed
been prank imed
been scared from being prank imed or phone called
scared someone from an prank i.m or phone call
lost a friend
been stabbed in the back
stabed someone in the back
talked about someone behind there back
been talked about behind your back
started a rumor
had a rumor started about you
cried over a girl
cried over a guy
been cried over by a girl
been cried over by a boy
told only one person a secret
told one person a secret and had more then 2 more people know
like a guy and they knew
like a guy and you told them
like a guy and they like u back
had a boyfriend
had more then one boyfriend at once
your boyfriend had more then one girlfriend at once
kissed a guy who had a girlfriend
hugged a guy who had a girlfriend
held hands with a guy who had a girlfriend
told a guy u loved them
had a guy tell them they love you
told a guy they were hot
had a guy tell u ur hot
i cant think of anymore have you evers but ill probaly go back