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Author: shadowedxheartxx
Created: December 26, 2007
Taken: 84 times
Rated: G

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Purple Turtles attack Blue Turtles

Created by shadowedxheartxx and taken 84 times on Bzoink
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hair color
eye color
skin color
zodiac sign
favorite band
favorite color
biggest inspiration
what do you want to be when you grow up
Do you have any skills in it?
Do you have any siblings
how many
how old are they
who do you live with
Your Bedroom
what is the theme
What color is your bedspread
what color are the pillows
any unique blankets?
any unique pillows?
What color are your dressers
What posters do you have on your wall?
what regular pics do you have on your wall
do you have a ps2
do you have a tv
have a computer desk?
what color is it
do you have a computer
what color is it
name 10 things that are on your computer desk
Look to your right what do you see
Look to your left what do you see
Look ahead of you what do you see
look behind you what do you see
Your personal self
What colors do you wear
Do you wear make up
What shoes do you wear
what music do you like
what kind of movies do you watch
What shows do you like
Do you draw?
what do you draw
do you drink coffee
do you drink tea
what are labelled as mostly
Do you take myspace quizes
do you even have a myspace
what about a vampirefreaks
Siblins(brothers and sisters)
what is his/her name
are they annoying
do you fight alot
are they nice
what is they're style like
what type of music do they isten to
Do you get along with them
why or why not
are you older or younger
by how much
Random Questions
What do you think is fun
Do you like Angels
Do you like feet
Have you met the great purple turtle yet
have you met my buddy Mosher..she's a troll
What are you listening to right now
Who are you talking too
do you like animals
Do you like pencils
Do you like pens
Do you like paper
What is your say on
Animal abuse
child abuse
teen pregnacies
labels and stereotypes
What would you do if..
I came up to you in a giant penguin suit and wanted a hug
I stole your last pack of gum
you came in contact with an alien
A purple turtle stole your sox
Mosher poked your kidney
Who is in the room with you
What music are you listening to
what are you wearing
what are you eating
what are you drinking
Are you tired of me..fie then i"m done..go away