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Author: JamieWasLike
Created: February 2, 2005
Taken: 1,239 times
Rated: G

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115 This or That Questions

Created by JamieWasLike and taken 1239 times on Bzoink
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Coke or Pepsi?
Black or White?
Right or Left?
Happy or Sad?
Summer or Winter?
Spring or Fall?
Blonde or Brunette?
TV or Movie?
Fruit or Veggies?
Indoors or Outdoors?
Breakfast or Dinner?
Baseball or Football?
Football or Basketball?
Ice cream or cake?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Car or Truck?
Skateboard or Snowboard?
Tennis Shoes or FlipFlops?
Snow or Grass?
Swimming or Jogging?
Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Hillary Duff or Lindsey Lohan?
Boy or Girl?
AIM or Yahoo Messanger?
Car or Plain?
Flordia or California?
Pen or Pencil?
Brother or Sister?
Mom or Dad?
Grandma or Grandpa?
Aunt or Uncle?
Phone or Computer?
Hand or Foot?
Typing or Writing?
Bills or Coins?
Middle School or High School?
Rain or Snow?
Apples or Oranges?
CDs or MP3s?
Cell Phone or Home Line?
Surfing Web or Waves?
Taco Bell or Chilis?
McDonalds or Burger King?
Work or School?
Hot or Cold?
Skiing or Snowboarding?
Birds or Fish?
Mexican or Chinese?
E-Mail or Instant Messanging?
Candles or Air Fresheners?
Long Hair or Short Hair?
Love or Money?
Smile or Frown?
Cute or Hot?
Webcam or Digital Cam?
Lemonade or Ice Tea?
Monopoly or Scrabble?
Nerd or Prep?
Freak or Nerd?
Buttered Popcord or Kettle Corn?
Awake or Asleep?
Solo or Band?
Truth or Lie?
Road or Highway?
Sweet or Sour?
Light or Dark?
VH1 or MTV?
Nick or Disney?
Cherries or Strawberries?
Ocean or Pool?
Pool Hottub?
Average or Over Achiever?
Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson?
Wild or Calm?
Perals or Diamonds?
Bracelet or Necklace?
Lip Stick or Lip Gloss?
Passenger or Driver?
Gel or Hairspray?
Opened or Closed?
Shirts or Pants?
Girlfriend or Boyfriend?
Tan or Pale?
Belly Ring or Lip Ring?
A or Z?
Lotion or Spray?
Wet or Dry?
Beginning or End?
Morning or Night?
Carebears or Hello Kitty?
Music or Silence?
Comic Books or Chapter Books?
Reality TV or Fiction?
Jello or Pudding?
80s or 90s?
Noth or South?
East or West?
Pop or Rock?
Hard Candy or Chewy Candy?
Make-up or Natural?
Permenate or Washable?
Tattoos or Piercings?
Shave or Wax?
Home or Away?
Tropical Vacation or Snowy Vacation?
Sleep For Night or Naps?
Bagels or Donuts?
Cowboys or Surfers?
Solid or Pattern?
Strait or Curvy?
Twist or Turn?
High or Low?
Long or Short?
Talk or Whisper?
Cry or Laugh?
Survey or Quiz?
Quiz or Poll?
Dentist or Doctor?
Braces or Retainer?
Polish on Fingers or Toes?