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Author: laurenpwns
Created: December 27, 2008
Taken: 142 times
Rated: G

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dont look back, dont remember my face.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 142 times on Bzoink
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Is there anyone in particular that you'd like to see? Who is this person?
Have you been to the movies lately? What movie did you see anyways?
Have you ever used a muscle stimulator before? Did it hurt?
Do you hate it when people rudly interrupt you? Do you want to hit them?
How many songs have you downloaded in the past week? What are the genres?
Have you ever owned a pet bird? What was this bird's name?
Do you have a friend that is a complete and total flirt around everyone?
Do you know anyone who is addicted to drugs? Are you friends with them?
How many times a day do you worry about dying & the afterlife?
Have you ever owned a golf-cart before? What color was it anyways?
Do you have a sibling that is a complete dead-beat? Which sibling?
Do you think that these questions are a little too personal?
How often do you get photo comments on myspace? Who are they usually from?
Do you know anyone who has a name that you hate? Who is this person?
Have you ever seen the really old movie, The Birds? Did it scare you?
Do you think kids who smoke at a young age are stupid and naiive?
What are the color of the curtains in the room you're in right now?
Do you own the new Guitar Hero? If so, what's your favorite song on it?
How long ago was it that someone you know got arrested & put into jail?
How long ago was it that you last ate Taco Bell? What did you eat there?
Do you ever take pictures with random people in Wal-Mart/ anywhere else?
Do you ever make fun of people with disabilities? Why do you do that?
Do you regret any decision you've made in the past week? Which one?
Have you ever done anything dangerous enough to have risked your life?
Where is ther farthest place you've been from home? Why did you go there?
Do you ever watch MTV? What shows do you normally watch on there?
What kind of game consoles do you own? Are they in the room with you?
Do you have a friend who also includes
Do you get embarassed when your parents talk about when you were a baby?
Do you have any friends you are ashamed to be around in public?
Do you consider yourself egotistic? Do people call you egotistic?
Do you ever compliment yourself on small things just because of popularity?
What was the most length you've ever cut off your hair? Why'd you cut it?
Has anyone ever stereotyped you in a horrible or depriving way? Why?
What is one food that you absolutely cant stand eating? Why do you hate it?
What's one movie you cant wait to see in theaters or rent out of theaters?
Do you have any children? If so, how old are these children?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Is that enough in your world?
Do you think you're going to Heaven or Hell? Why do you think this?
What is the latest you've ever stay up just talking on the phone to someone
Do you ever make random signs from sticky notes and put them on people?
Have you ever overcome a disease that was life-threatening? Which one?
Do you think anyone who is in the room with you right now is really mean?
Is there one thing that you want more than anything you've ever wanted?