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Author: blueberrysyrup
Created: February 6, 2009
Taken: 260 times
Rated: G

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A Random Survey Because I'm in a Bad Mood

Created by blueberrysyrup and taken 260 times on Bzoink
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What were you doing before this survey?
Where was the last place you went on vacation?
Where did you meet your current significant other?
If you don't have one, where did you meet your last one?
What does your house smell like right now?
Have you ever been on television?
What kind of house do you wish you lived in?
What was the last compliment you received from an old lady?
What are your grandparents' names?
What is your most embarrassing falling down experience?
Have you gone to college or are you planning on going?
What is the last type of tea you drank?
Have you ever been on a sailboat?
Are you finished with high school yet?
If not, what high school did you graduate from?
Is it a public or private school?
Are you racist?
Are you one of those girls who sucks in her stomach in pictures?
Are you one of those guys who flexes when he walks past a mirror?
Were you a stingy child?
Are you still stingy?
What was the last tv show you watched?
Are you one of those adults who shops at stores like Hollister or Hot Topic
If not, do you secretly snicker at the adults who do?
Out of your relatives, who are you the closest with?
Do you know how to cut hair?
Have you ever cut your own?
If so, what did people say about it?
What was the last illness you had (besides cold, flu & other common ones)?
Have you ever had a classmate die?
If so, what was his/her name?
Don't you hate it when people think it's cool to have a bad attitude?
Are you materialistic?
Have you noticed that many girls look like clones of one another?
Isn't unique beauty the best?
Clone beauty is no longer pretty because it's become ordinary, right?
Do you like how feminine even straight men have become?
Do you like when guys were skinny jeans?
Do you think piercings or tattoos are attractive?
Do you have any tattoos?
Do you date older men/women because they usually have more money?