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Author: thev0iceofreas0n
Created: February 22, 2009
Taken: 563 times
Rated: G

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True or False?

Created by thev0iceofreas0n and taken 563 times on Bzoink
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You're a vegetarian.
You like to play Guitar Hero.
You own at least one pair of colored skinny jeans.
You hate that Hannah Montana store Club Libby Lu in the mall.
Your cell phone is black.
You are using a wireless mouse.
You have never eaten fish.
You love dancing shows.
Reality tv is horrible.
The light in your room is on.
It is dark outside.
You check your Facebook too many times.
You get excited when your crush signs online.
You love taking surveys.
You hated High School Musical 3.
You are a boy.
Your hair has unnatural colors in it.
You have more than just your ears pierced.
You own a giant stuffed animal.
The sky is cloudy right now.
You've always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower.
You'd rather go to Bollywood than Hollywood.
Lasagna is delicious.
You used to sleep with a nightlight.
Your name begins with a K.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You haven't read Twilight.
You think Subway makes the best cookies.
You wish your bedroom was bigger.
You have a twin sized bed.
You have seen a Broadway play.
You drink out of plastic cups.
You have never been in a Talent Show.
Purple is your favorite color.
You are not on a laptop right now.
You are in a room full of people.
You have never been in a swimming pool.
You used to collect Beanie Babies.
You have the same hair color as your mom.
You like Windows Vista.
You are listening to music right now.
Books are so much fun to read.
You played a sport when you were a kid.
Transformers was amazing.
You like to eat grape popsicles.
You are on an instant messenger right now.
You texted someone five minutes ago.
You don't have a DVD player in your house.
You can play guitar.
You wish you could climb Mt. Everest.
Dinosaurs aren't scary.
Sausage is the best part of Thanksgiving.
You wonder why corn always comes back out whole.
This is the fifth survey you've taken today.
You own a bean pillow.
Munson's makes the best chocolate.
Summer is your favorite season.
You have a book light.
Your grocery list is written on a white board.
You hate rap music.
Chocolate milk is better than strawberry milk.
You are in middle school.
There is at least one broken key on your keyboard.
You've always wanted to play Piano.
You stick bows on your head after opening presents.
You hate giving out giftcards.
Your favorite holiday is Easter.
You should be studying right now.
You know what a Pariah is.
You caught a butterfly on your nose before.
You hated Barney when you were little.
You've slipped on a banana peel.
You had Christmas lights strung up in your room at some point in time.
You wish you weren't alive.
Blood grosses you out.