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Author: eatyourself
Created: March 13, 2009
Taken: 342 times
Rated: PG

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Friggin' Random.

Created by eatyourself and taken 342 times on Bzoink
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Are you a crazy cat person?
Do you like the color yellow?
Do you spell color with a u in it?
Are you a chronic giggler?
Do you like 90's cartoons?
Do children make you smile?
Are you an aunt/uncle?
Do you have a sore in your mouth right now?
Do you use Mozilla Firefox?
Are you a myspace or facebook person?
Have you ever been awake for more than 3 days?
Are you diagnosed with any mental disorders?
Have you ever been on Zoloft?
Do you like wearing fuzzy slippers in public?
Do you watch the United States of Tara?
What do you think of the band Grizzly Bear?
Do you chew on your hair?
Have you ever watched Caitlin's Way?
Do you like dancing in the shower?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
What's your favorite song to sleep to?
Have you stubbed your toe in the last 24 hours?
Do you trip over air?
Have you ever had a broken blood vessel in your eye?
Would you rather shave or wax?
Do you know what eyebrow threading is?
Have you ever watched MTVU?
Is your hair failling out?
What do you think of nectarines?
How about kiwifruit?
Does it feel like 2009?
Do you have a laptop?
Do you own anything that's sea green?
What's your favorite time of day?
Do you have a last.fm account?
If so, what's your URL?
Have you ever dyed your hair platinum blond?
Do you need a shower?
Do you drink coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right?
Is the shape of your body unusual?
Do you drool randomly - when talking/laughing/just breathing?
How do you feel about trees?
Do horses freak you out?
Do you own a bunny suit?
Do you like Bat For Lashes?
Has anyone ever peed while on the phone with you?
Where does your significant other work?
Do you like profanity?
Do your elbows hurt right now?
Do you think most high fashion models look the same?
Are you always bored, even when you're doing something?
What medication are you currently taking?
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