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Author: alyssazambo
Created: May 26, 2009
Taken: 120 times
Rated: G

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Get your cellphone, and what's in it?

Created by alyssazambo and taken 120 times on Bzoink
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Go to your contacts, type in the first name of letter. DO NOT CHEAT!:
Now, put in the five names above:
Do not change the name, answer the questions honestly:
Is 4 a great dancer?
Would you go on a date with number 1?
Do you find number 2 fun to be with?
Is number 3 a text addict?
Has number 5 been in a relationship?
Have you seen number 1 cry?
What's number 4's favorite color?
Does number 3 own a camera?
Is number 5 an online gamer?
Do you find number 1's jokes corny?
Have you caught number 2 cheating?
What's number 4's hatest day of the week?
Would you kiss number 3?
Does number 1 read books?
Who is taller, number 2 or 5?
Who is smarter, 4 or 3?
Is number 4 single?
Is number 1 cool?
Describe number 2 in one word
Would you go to the movies with number 5?
What's number 3's greatest fear?
Does number 4 love to blog?
Does number 2 eat too much?
Have you ever been to the mall with number 4?
What's number 1's complete name?
Have you seen number 5 sneeze?
What's number 2's favorite shoes?
Can you dance better than number 3?
Have you seen number 4 get drunk?
What's number 1's favorite song?
Does number 2 own an ipod?
Now tag this to 5 people. And post as "My Cellphone contacts."