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Author: jesuis-supermodel
Created: June 8, 2009
Taken: 376 times
Rated: PG

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This or That

Created by jesuis-supermodel and taken 376 times on Bzoink
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day or night?
tall or short?
movie or tv?
inside or out?
alcohol or weed?
flowers or chocolate?
straight or gay?
leader or follower?
giver or taker?
republican or democrat?
selfish or selfless?
walk or run?
yankees or red sox?
text or talk?
kiss or hug?
rich and sad or happy and poor?
righty or lefty?
carnivore or vegetarian?
chocolate or vanilla?
virgin or not?
lennon or mccartney?
nsync or backstreet boys?
pink or purple?
swim in ocean or lay in sand?
facebook or myspace?
black or white?
friends or family?
happy or sad?
spend or save?
scrambled or sunny-side-up?
cigarettes or not?
intro or extroverted?
paranoid or fearless?
traveller or homebody?
cats or dogs?
mature or immature?
bob marley or bob dylan?
ipod or cell phone?
spoiled or hardworker?
tyra or naomi?
play sports or watch sports?
open or closed-minded?
spontaneous or predictable?
lost or found?
middle of the ocean or middle of the desert?
mac or windows?
yoga or pilates?
fast or slow?
fat or thin?
thai or chinese?
bike or skate?
give or receive?
believer or skeptical?
reality or fantasy?
stubborn or fickle?
wheat or white?
margarita or mojito?
single or taken?
diverse or homogenous?
free spirit or defined?
liberal or conservative?
silly or serious?
book or street smart?
diet or regular?
avoid or confront?
dentist or eye doctor?
alone or surrounded?
adopt or give birth?
tea or coffee?
east coast or west coast?
photographer or photographed?
religious or not?
heart or head?
natural or enhanced?
more or less?
half empty or half full?
surprise or expected?
older or younger?
stealer or stolen from?
ask for help or figure it out?
nerd or jock?
quality or quantity?
content or depressed?
vintage or modern?
protest or comply?
ocean or pool?
early or late?
cheez-it or cheese nip?
july 4 or thanksgiving?
LA or NY?
vogue or cosmo?
soup or salad?
snow day or summer day?
tan or fair?
laugh it off or be in denial?
france or italy?
classic or trendy?
pancakes or waffles?
love and be hated or hate and be loved?
good or bad?