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Author: misstress
Created: August 5, 2009
Taken: 207 times
Rated: G

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You and Urbandictionary.

Created by misstress and taken 207 times on Bzoink
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Go to Urbandictionary.com + post the 1st thing that pops up as your answer.
- Part 1 - You -
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
Sexual orientation:
Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Favortie band ATM:
Favorite song ATM:
Favorite flower:
Year you were born:
Day you were born on:
Mom's name:
Dad's name:
Brother(s)/Sister(s) name(s):
Pet(s) name(s):
Where you were born:
Where you live now:
What you live in:
- Part 2 - Friends -
Your bestfriend's name(s):
Their last name(s):
How long you've been friends:
Where you first met:
Nickname they gave you:
Nickname you gave them:
Where they live:
- Part 3 - School -
Name of your elementary school:
What you're currently attending:
What grade you're in:
Your favorite class:
Name of your favorite teacher:
Your least favorite class:
Name of your least favorite teacher:
Graduation year:
Name of college you want to attend, if any:
- Part 4 - Current -
Day of the week:
Band you're listening to:
Relationship status:
What you should be doing:
Word/phrase you use often:
Website you visit often:
Color of polish on your nails:
- Part 5 - Random -
Name of the last person to call/text you:
Kind of tree:
What you last drank:
What you last ate:
What you're craving:
What you're doing:
Next upcoming holiday:
Room you're in:
Where you're at:
Color of the walls:
What you're using to do this:
What you're doing tomorrow:
What you're doing today:
Size bed you sleep in:
Significant other's name:
Where you last went shopping at:
A name:
An occupation:
Your dream job:
Type of dog:
Something loud:
Something fast:
A number:
Body part:
Type of coin:
Type of music:
A month:
Random word: