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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 4, 2009
Taken: 570 times
Rated: PG

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Assorted #7

Created by egooverdose and taken 570 times on Bzoink
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x1 How often are you optimistic?
x2 Would you say your thoughts are generally rational and logical ...
or irrational and illogical?
x3 Tell an interesting fact about your favorite country?
x4 Are you wearing anything of any sentimental value? Describe?
x5 Are you the type to pay attention to detail?
x6 To you, what is especially distracting?
x7 What are some things that are important in your life right now?
x8 When was the last time you did some major cleaning?
x9 Have you ever thrown anything away, and regretted it later?
x1o Are you the type to regret things, or live and learn?
x11 How often do you feel like you need time to yourself?
x12 Do you like being around other people? Why is this?
x13 Do you feel like anyone "gets" you? Who?
x14 What would you be most likely to do with a friend, today?
x15 When are you most likely to be crabby?
x16 How about upbeat and cheerful?
x17 Who challenges you the most? In what way?
x18 Who seems to hold you back? In what way?
x19 What was the last opportunity that you passed up, and why?
x2o Would you rather have a quiet day at home, or be on the go?
x21 Do you think you made a good impression on the last person you met?
x22 How do you feel about people who neglect their pets?
x23 Should there be an application process for having children?
x24 Are you able to ask for help when you need it?
x25 How intense is your anger? Have you ever hurt anyone|yourself?
x26 What is something red that you like to eat?
x27 Do you ever have trouble getting lighters to work?
x28 If someone drinks, would that lower your opinion of that person?
x29 What if they did drugs?
x3o Do you know anyone who is abusive? Are you abusive?
x31 Have you ever contemplated cheating on anyone?
x32 If your best friend wanted to cheat on his/her partner, you would say?
x33 Who do you know that gives very sound advice?
x34 What do you think makes a person weak?
x35 What makes a person strong?
x37 Name one thing that you think defines you as a person?
x38 Who do you go to when you need comfort?
x39 Is there anyone|thing with whom|which you like to cuddle?
x4o Do nightmares still bother you?
x41 At what age did you start to feel like a teen, and not a kid anymore?
x42 Are you or were you in a hurry to grow up?
x43 What is a fear you have about living on your own?
x44 Do you have any survey-maker recommendations? If yes, who?
x45 Who was the last person to completely fascinate you?