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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 12, 2009
Taken: 416 times
Rated: PG

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head of color-coded combinations;

Created by egooverdose and taken 416 times on Bzoink
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Questions influenced by colors. :D
x1 Has a rainy day ever ruined your plans?
x2 When was the last time you experienced a snowday, if ever?
x3 Do you think you could survive a month of solitary confinement?
x4 When was the last time you yawned?
x5 What is something that you find utterly boring?
x6 What noise|sound can put you to sleep?
x7 When you are upset, do you tend to shut others out?
x8 Do you often start books, yet never finish them?
x9 When was the last time you felt abandoned by someone?
x1o What do you feel like, typically, when you wake up in the morning?
x1 Does anything small tick you off? Like what?
x2 Does the sight of blood gross you out?
x3 Do you like red roses, or do you prefer another color?
x4 What is something you like to eat that is red?
x5 Do you look good in this color?
x6 When you're angry, do you literally see red?
x7 Have you ever gone through a redlight?
x8 Do you fail to stop for stopsigns, sometimes?
x9 What is one of your major turn-offs?
x1o Is this one of your favorite colors, by any chance?
x1 When was the last time you were near the ocean?
x2 What is your favorite eye color in the opposite sex?
x3 When was the last time you felt glum?
x4 Do you know anyone who has depression|is depressed?
x5 Have you personally ever felt depressed?
x6 When you are sad, do you cheer yourself up, or look to others?
x7 During which year of your life were you the most unhappy?
x8 Have you ever seen a bluejay in person?
x9 Have you ever consumed a blue-colored drink?
x1o Would this color look good on you?
x1 Is there anything you recycle, or should recycle?
x2 Do you like leaves better in the summer|spring, or in the fall?
x3 What is your favorite aspect of life?
x4 When was the last time you were purposely amongst nature?
x5 Do you care about Mother Earth?
x6 What do you think of global warming & the greenhouse effect?
x7 Do you wear the color green often?
x8 Do you like the appearance of green eyes?
x9 Have you ever eaten grass|leaves?
x1o Do you typically like green-colored candies?
x1 Who is the most energetic and happy person you know of?
x2 Who makes you smile the most often?
x3 How do you express your happiness?
x4 Are you affectionate? In what ways, if so?
x5 When was the last time you did a good deed?
x6 Has someone helped you out in a big way, recently?
x7 What songs make you happy?
x8 Do you like to sing?
x9 Where is somewhere that holds fond memories for you?
x1o Do you like to watch the setting|rising sun?
x1 Do you know of anyone who is going down the wrong track?
x2 Have you ever hit rock bottom?
x3 Is there anything you are obsessed with or addicted to?
x4 Do you wear a lot of black clothing?
x5 What do you think of the gothic stereotype?
x6 Have you ever encountered a black widow?
x7 What scares you, more than anything else?
x8 If there was no afterlife, could you handle it?
x9 Have you ever listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards?
x1o What is your favorite color for a pair of pants?
x1 Do you like going out in the sun?
x2 When in life did you feel the most care-free?
x3 Do you smile at people you don't know?
x4 Are you well-hydrated? Do you like water?
x5 Has an animal ever peed on you?
x6 What is a color you don't think you look good in?
x7 What would make a cool substitute color for the sun?
x8 What does the color yellow remind you of?
x9 Do you think yellow is an ugly color to paint a room?
x1o What is something near you that is yellow?
x1 Which do you prefer: purple or pink?
x2 Does purple remind you of royalty?
x3 What is your favorite color of the sunset|sunrise?
x4 Is there a color you just hate?
x5 Do you think guys look good in purple?
x6 Is purple a good color for a car?
x7 Do you prefer green or purple|red grapes?
x8 What is something you like that is sour?
x9 What color do you think goes good with purple?
x1o What color is your birthstone?