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Author: lashaun
Created: November 21, 2009
Taken: 99 times
Rated: PG

Society, Culture, and Race

Created by lashaun and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

If I ABSOLUTELY had to choose, I\'d say America belongs MORE to
Michael Vicks actions make him
Jena 6 boys
The media is probably MOSTLY ran by
The Confederate flag is
Who is MOST responsible for poverty in inner American cities?
This group on average is probably more smarter if I had to choose
Schools being intergrated was
During hurricane Katrina, I MOSTLY thought
On Average, the tone of Black peoples voice is usually
Abraham Lincoln was
America was _ before White settlement
Who is MORE responsible for the decline of some African countries?
Reverand Wright is
Do you think Obama is truly American?
The Holocaust
Saying "White pride" is
Saying White pride is
Annexing Texas to America was
Mixed people
These people probably belong in America the LEAST
I'm scared of there being a Hispanic majority in America one day
I would mostly be skeptical if it were
Welfare is
Talking slang is
Gay people
Black people can't really be Racist
My Race is
I think America is MORE biased by
I approve interracial dating
What is your sex?
Being my name is
Whooping your child with a belt for discipline is