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Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: December 29, 2009
Taken: 400 times
Rated: G

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Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 400 times on Bzoink
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i'm female.
i like cheese.
i like my independence.
i'd be lost without my phone.
i want to have kids one day.
my best friend is male.
i love cookies.
i don't have a favourite animal.
i have had swine flu.
i'm afraid of spiders.
i have a brother.
i have a sister.
my dad is between 45-50 years old.
my mum is between 40-45 years old.
i want to learn how to drive.
i have had a tooth taken out.
i horde money.
my best friends parents love me.
my hair is brown.
my eyes are green.
i dislike the colour blue.
i wish i was younger.
i have been to australia.
i live outside the US.
i love being hugged.
i would rather shop than dance.
i'm good at singing.
i wish i could be less clumsy.
i like my hair being played with.
my oldest cousin is over 30.
i like card games.
i can't stand opera.
i like the sound of my own voice.
i can't stand my name.
i fear being rejected.
i've eaten chicken today.
i've stolen money off someone.
my best friend is my partner.
i enjoy cycling.
i'm an artsy person.
i have a large dvd collection.
i have a large cd collection.
i am a virgin.
i want to get married one day.
i believe in god.
i have lots of close friends.
i wish i was more sporty.
i love perfume.
i like shakespeare.
i like dickens.
my hair is long.
i have a favourite tv series.
my lips are chapped.
i don't like beer.
i love apple juice.
i drink wine.
i drink vodka.
whiskey makes me sick.
i like cocktails.
i have a niece or nephew.
i like irish music.
i have irish descent.
i don't wear makeup often.
i wash my hair at least 3 times a week.
i like pizza.
i love pasta.
i hate olives.
i've dyed my hair an outrageous colour.
i eat too much chocolate.
i have natural curls.
i wish i had a pet horse.
i have a cat.
i have a dog.
i love swimming.
i live in a town.
i live in a flat/apartment.
i've had chicken pox.
i find golf boring.
i hate boxing.
i get jealous easy.
i love fantasy films.
i love harry potter.
my friends would say I'm caring.
i once wanted to be a teacher.
i have a low attention span.
i am an avid reader.
i am not easily frightened.
i'm very philosophical.
i am or intend to study psychology.
i would say i am unique.
i have more than 3 aunts.
my skin is pale.
my birthday is in less than 3 months time.
i feel sleepy right now.
stars and hearts are pretty.
purple is my favourite colour.
i wish unicorns existed.
i have a specific, actual, phobia.
flying frightens me.
i would rather listen to music than watch tv.