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About This Survey

Author: macro
Created: February 15, 2010
Taken: 316 times
Rated: G

True or False

Created by macro and taken 316 times on Bzoink
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You don't have any pets.
Your parents are in a fight right now.
You've never broken a bone.
You don't like makeup.
Your favorite nail polish color is black.
You are modest.
You find perverts annoying.
When you're lonely you hug a stuffed animal.
You really like the color purple.
You question your sexuality.
You've tried to starve yourself before.
You hated middle school.
You don't like wearing skirts because you're not proud of your legs.
You have acne.
You wish you could turn invisible.
You are good at spelling.
You dislike most candy and chocolate.
Your favorite band is an old band.
Your favorite singer is male.
You think girls gossip too much.
You are afraid of noodles.
You love Goldfish crackers.
You come from a rich family.
You wish you had more friends.
You prefer Spiderman to Superman.
Alice Cooper creeps you out.
You don't understand war.
You don't judge people based on appearances.
You are very shy when you get to know someone.
You're a virgin.
You had your first kiss in middle school.
You're currently in high school.
Your name is six letters.
Your first name has as many letters as your last name.
You like your middle name.
Your name is unisex.
You have never been in love before.
You wish on 11:11, 12:12, etc.
Chocolate makes you sneeze.
You hate cheesecake.
You like wearing things that nobody else wears.
You are currently on a laptop.
It's dark outside.
You can't swim well.
Your favorite sport is tennis.
You've seen a friend or family member on TV before.
You're sick right now.
You're skinny.
You consider yourself pretty.
School is hard for you.
Your worst subject is History.
Your best subject is Math.
You dry shave.
You wish you were born in a different decade.
You like using bright colored pens.
You like drawing on the celebrities in magazines.
You love the feeling of being in a car.
You don't get airsick.
Your walls are purple.
You are caucasian.
You have mental disorders.
You don't get angry, just annoyed or sad.
You spend most of your time on YouTube or Bzoink.
You have a Neopets account.
You've spread a rumor about someone that wasn't true.
You are nowhere near perfect.
You think long hair on guys is sexy.
You get really moody after you wake up.
You sometimes wish you were dead.
You hate being a leader.
You like the smell of closets.
You are good with kids and animals.
You have no clue what you want to be when you grow up.
You like random facts.