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Author: elainababy
Created: February 19, 2010
Taken: 190 times
Rated: G

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this is like a bad dream after too much chinesed food.

Created by elainababy and taken 190 times on Bzoink
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Quick! Chinese or Mexican?
How many significant others have you had in your WHOLE life?
I have to ask: What does the last text you received say?
How about the last text you sent?
Have you shared any kisses today?
Did the last person you kissed have soft lips, or were they kind of crusty?
Do you think your life will be any different a year from now?
What all is in your wallet?
How many windows are in your bedroom?
Have you ever been in a fist fight?
When was the last time you went to the doctor?
Are you going out of town anytime soon?
Do you hate your ex?
When are you going to get a haircut?
Can you fit your hand around your wrist?
Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?
When was the last time you applied chapstick?
Are you a coffee person or a tea person?
Do you have a weird laugh?
What kind of deodorant do you wear?
Do you have videos on YouTube?
When's the last time you had a phone conversation for more than ten minute
Do you laugh at inappropriate times?
What's your fast food restaurant of choice?
All the people you've kissed, what did their names start with?
Are you in any kind of pain right now?
Are you the jealous type?
What did you and your ex fight about most?
Do you have a foot phobia?
Well, are you a germaphobe?
Do you get frustrated easily?
Don't you love long hugs?
And long kisses?
Have you ever purchased condoms?
Do you have a dirty mind?
What's your favorite soda?
Do you check the mail everyday, or somebody else?
Did you think braces were cool when you were little?
Do you ever go without makeup or doing your hair?
Put your iTunes on shuffle RIGHT NOW and tell me the first song it plays.
What is the last song you added to your iTunes library?
Are you embarrassed by any of the songs in your iTunes?
When was the last time you were sick?
Did you get anybody else sick?
Have you had your flu shots?
What brand is your camera?
Do you like raisins?
Who was your valentine this year?
When did you first kiss the last person you kissed?
And when did you last kiss the last person you kissed?
Did you borrow that shirt from somebody?
What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Do you like to swim?
How many vacations have you been on in the past year?
Have you ever gone on vacation with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Are you supposed to be doing homework, young man/lady?
Do you have to wake up early tomorrow?
Do you have any prescriptions currently?
Are you upset about anything?