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Author: trixie11
Created: April 29, 2010
Taken: 204 times
Rated: G

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Created by trixie11 and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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What time did you wake up?
Where were you sleeping at?
What was for breakfast?
What did you wear?
Did you go to school?
Did you go to work?
What was for lunch?
What was for dinner?
Where else did you go?
What did you do there?
Who did you talk to?
Who did you hang out with?
Who did you text?
Who did you call?
Anything else about yesterday?
What time did you wake up?
Where'd you wake up at?
What's for breakfast?
School today?
How about work?
What's for lunch?
Who did you talk to today?
Who'd you text?
Who'd you call?
Anywhere else you're going?
What are you doing there?
What did you wear today?
Anything else about today?
What time are you waking up?
Where will you be waking up?
What are you going to eat for breakfast?
What are you going to wear?
Are you going to school?
Are you going to work?
What are you going to eat for lunch?
What are you going to eat for dinner?
Where else are you going?
Who will you talk to?
Who will you text?
Who will you call?
Who will you hang out with?
Anything else about tomorrow?
In conclusion...
What day of the week was yesterday?
What was the date yesterday?
Which of the three days do you think will be the best?
Which one do you talk to more people?
Call more people?
Text more people?
What's your name?
Grade? (if in school)
Okay, well bye! :)