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Author: ashleybayle
Created: July 14, 2010
Taken: 360 times
Rated: G

Hunt you down all nightmare long (Are we alike?)

Created by ashleybayle and taken 360 times on Bzoink
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Just curious to see, if there's anyone out there a lot like me?
Your favorite color is blue.
You have your own laptop.
You are good at drawing.
You're in a relationship.
You listen to Rammstein.
You listen to Metallica.
Horror movies don't scare you.
You're from Canada.
You can speak some German.
You have brown hair and brown eyes.
You love fashion.
You can eat anything and not gain a pound.
You don't have a job yet.
You're a fan of Christian Bale.
You listen to Carrie Underwood.
You have a Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.
You love spending time with your friends.
You wear glasses/contacts.
You have a brother and sister.
You're spoiled.
You love to travel.
You have big plans for the future.
You don't like the cold.
You love the movie Titanic.
You're a fan of Channing Tatum.
You're 5'6".
You were born in July.
You had braces.
You were once obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean.
You like to write fictional stories.
You watch America's Next Top Model.
Your parents are just a little bit too strict.
You're a chocoholic.
You have a pet gecko.
You're of European decent.
You use iTunes.
You talk on MSN all the time.
You have a LG cellphone.
You like writing in pen.
You're a hopeless romantic.
You're very optimistic.
You love history.
You are in grade 12.

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