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Author: christina214
Created: August 13, 2010
Taken: 102 times
Rated: G

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Here We Go Again (x

Created by christina214 and taken 102 times on Bzoink
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Who Was The Last Person You Texted?
What Do You Hear?
What Aways Makes You Happy?
Have You Held Hands With Somebody In The Past 5 Day?
Has Someone That You Liked Told You That Your A Waste Of Their Time?
Is There Someone Of The Opposite Sex That Means A lot To you?
Have You Had Any Alcohol In The Past 24 Hours?
Have You Ever Kissed Anyone With The First Letter Of Their Name "J"?
Will You Be Up Before 7 AM Tomorrow?
Who Is The Last Person You Were In A Car With?
What Will You Be Doing In 3 Hours?
How Often Do You Straighten Your Hair?
What Are You Looking Forward Too?
Will Tomorrow Be A Good Day?
What Are You Going To Do?
Do You Like Being Kissed On The Forehead?
Who Did You Last Hangout With?
Whats The Longest You've Been Awake?
Whats The Longest You've Slept.
Do You Like Bonfires?
If Your Parents Didn't Like The Person You Were Dating Would You Lose Them?
Do You Open Up To People Easily?
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Do You Believe That Love Lasts Forever?
What Makes You Think That?
Do You Think A Lot Of People Think/Talk Bad Things About You?
Who Was The Last Person To Make You Cry?
Who Was The Last Person To Make You Smile?:)
Do You Know Who You'll Kiss Next?
What Were You Doing At 12 Last Nite?
Are You Shy?
Are You Missing Someone Right Now?
Are you proud of yourself for anything?
Do You Like Someone?
Is Anything Wrong Right Now?
Do You Know Your Best Friends Middle Name?
Would You Be Upset If I Stopped This Survey?