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Author: dishwallafied
Created: September 7, 2010
Taken: 465 times
Rated: G

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Lasts, lasts...and more lasts. (Catagorized)

Created by dishwallafied and taken 465 times on Bzoink
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WHO was the last person....
you spoke to, in person?
you called?
that called you?
you texted?
that sent you a text?
you kissed?
that kissed you?
you yelled at?
that yelled at you?
you watched a movie with?
you ate dinner with?
you were in a photo with?
you took a photo of?
you went to a concert with?
you lied to?
you invited somewhere?
you dated?
you dumped?
you rejected?
you held hands with?
you hugged?
you let cry on your shoulder?
that let you cry on their shoulder?
you bought a gift for?
you wished a happy birthday?
that disappointed you?
that stayed over at your place?
that let you crash at their place?
that made you angry?
that complimented you?
whom you complimented?
you thanked?
that thanked you?
you saw, in person?
that bought you something?
that made you laugh?
that you said you loved?
that said they loved you?
you flipped off?
you made a silly face at?
that drove you somewhere?
WHAT was the last thing you...
found stuck in you teeth?
threw away/tossed out?
took a photo of?
were frustrated with?
tripped on?
put batteries in?
turned on?
turned off?
wrote on?
stuck up your nose???
WHERE was the last place you...
dined at?
ordered something to go?
bought something?
felt uncomfortable?
drove to?
had an appointment at?
went on vacation?
hung out with a friend?
bought clothes?
spent more than you had planned?
saw a band/singer/musician perform?
WHEN was the last time you...
told someone 'I love you'?
left your home?
drank a soda/pop?
made your bed?
visited a doctor?
went to the emergency room?
kissed someone?
hugged someone?
worked out?
made a phone call?
answered a phone?
had an argument?
played a video game?
played a card game?
played a board game?
rode a bike?
fell on your butt?
took a shower?
took a bubble bath?
watched TV?
saw a movie at a theater?
ate fast food?
ordered a pizza?
made someone laugh?
played a musical instrument?
read a book?
drove a car?
went swimming?
got a sunburn?
went to church or temple?
went shopping?
drank alcohol?
smoked a cigarette?
threw up?
had a headache?
had a cold?
had the flu?
had your hair cut?
dyed your hair?
laughed so hard that you cried?
That's it. Hope you enjoyed it.