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Author: skiesofsunshine
Created: December 19, 2010
Taken: 4,840 times
Rated: PG

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There's No Running Away From These Things That Hold You Down (Have You Ever Survey)

Created by skiesofsunshine and taken 4840 times on Bzoink
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So Have You Ever...
been in love
fallen off of a ladder
been to military school
lost someone close to you
been drunk
fallen asleep in class
been kicked out of school
made an ass out of yourself
lost your cell phone
played spin the bottle
played truth or dare
been on a roller coaster
went swimming in the ocean
went on vacation with someone other than your family
smashed something with a hammer
had a pet cat
made enemies with someone that was once your friend
been bullied
bullied someone else
been cheated on
cheated on someone else
had sex
kissed someone of the same sex
kissed a complete stranger
counted down to the new year
traveled out of the country
spent more than 1000 dollars at once
been grounded for longer than a month
made a survey on bzoink
gotten high
taken painkillers without a prescription
had a job
been fired from a job
had a facebook
spent more than 5 hours at once online
illegally downloaded music
made a really embarrassing typo
been to a graduation
sent a mean text message to the wrong person
used Swype texting
went shopping at Hollister
went shopping at Hot Topic
went shopping early in the morning on Black friday
spent more than 5 hours on the phone with the same person
taken the blame for something you didn't do
smoked weed
been to a college party
spent all day watching movies
burnt your toast
made dinner for someone special
broken a bone
played a sport
been to a concert
played a board game
played guitar hero
owned anything by apple
slept for over 12 hours straight
went longer than a week without bathing
done something gross for money
worn an ugly christmas sweater
told a secret that you vowed to keep
liked a song, but would never admit it to anyone
gotten a huge phone bill
done a cartwheel
been to a funeral
sang in a karaoke contest
went camping in a tent
won a contest
tried to break a world record
been to a video game convention
had a make-out session with someone
failed a class
ridden in an ambulance
lost something really valuable
judged someone before knowing them
suffered a heartbreak
been jealous of your best friend
been in a car accident
done shots
dated someone just to get back at someone else
had a myspace
been to the opera
taken a dance class
had a panic attack
been depressed
broken up with someone
been kissed in the rain
had a romantic evening
watched cartoons
sent someone naughty pictures
had something stolen from you
stole something from someone else
went away without doing your hair/makeup
been called rude names by someone you didn't know
felt insecure
went to a church
been baptized
been in a physical fight
given someone the finger while driving
gotten a spray tan
been to the gym
eaten a whole pizza by yourself
dated someone over the internet
gotten annoyed for no reason
thought you were pregnant
cuddled with an animal
cried yourself to sleep
done hard drugs
been afraid of the dark
lost something in your couch
lied to a best friend
lied to your family
lied about yourself to seem cooler
seen a shark up close
driven on the wrong side of the road
been to a rave
been in a near-death situation
been to a circus
gotten into a verbal fight
studied a different language
wished you could go back in time
tried to make the longest survey in the whole world
voted for a president
been a member of girl scouts or boy scouts
did something you're not proud of
moved to a different state
been to a rodeo
talked sexually to someone you didn't know
used AIM
questioned your reasons for living
hurt yourself on purpose
been called a redneck
been called a prep
gotten hurt in a sports game
partied hard on new years
made plans that fell through
been yelled at by a stranger
given birth
smoked a cigarette
lived in a trailer park
met someone famous
been in a music video
had a part in a movie
taken someone back that hurt you
worked as a stripper
gotten a lap dance
watched an anime
looked at pornography
watched a gory movie
seen a movie in 3'd
owned an iphone
bought something off of craigslist
gotten angry at your tv
fallen off of your chair
laughed so hard that you cried
cried over something small
been trick or treating
went on an easter egg hunt
tried skydiving
eaten sushi
stayed up for more than 4 days straight
donated something to charity
had a crush on a friend
had trouble admitting that you were wrong
prank called someone
played world of warcraft
seen south park
went over the speed limit
peed your pants in public
been to a waterpark
had a nervous breakdown
wished you could run away
felt addicted to the internet
had a caramel frappe
eaten fast food for 3 meals in a row
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