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Author: byebyeblackbird
Created: February 8, 2011
Taken: 60 times
Rated: G

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Created by byebyeblackbird and taken 60 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite type of weather to dress for?
Do you have an electric blanket?
^- Doesn't it kind of feel like a tanning bed?
Do you even tan?
Do you watch American Idol?
What did you dream about last-night?
What do you think happens to us after we die?
Do you believe that humans have everlasting souls?
Have you ever cheated on somebody?
Have you ever given up on somebody, romantically?
^- Otherwise?
How you feel/what you think of the following people...
Cillian Murphy?
Steven Tyler?
Steve Buscemi?
Carrot Top?
Channing Tatum?
Zac Efrom?
Aron Ralston?
Hayley Williams?
Anthony Green?
Miley Cyrus?
Justin Bieber?
George Clooney?
Natalie Portman?
Robert Downey Jr.?
Rupert Grint?
Jai Courtney?
Ohkay- enough of that.
Do you have any pets?
Would you like any (more)?
What was the last book you read?
Was it any good?
Why are nearly all 'young adult' books so crummy?
How do you feel about them full body scanners in airport security?
Have you ever had a stalker?
How would you deal with a stalker, if you did have one?
What time is it?
What time zone are you in?
Can you successfully start a fire and keep it going?
The North Face or UGG boots?
Is there anyone that you feel physically sick around?
What do you do if your UGGs get water-damaged?
Have you ever mistaken someone for the opposite gender than they were?
Can you tell your cardinal directions, from where you are now?
Do you tell your parents everything?
Have you ever had to share your bedroom with someone?
Do you cover your face when you get embarrassed?
Can you drive?
Can you drive a stick-shift?
What does your shampoo smell like?
Would you like a pet rabbit?
What do you smell like?
How's your breath?
Can you date someone that's 'prettier than you'?
Have you ever had to sit by somebody massively overweight on a plane?
Have you ever been to Disney World?
What do you want your wedding cake to be like?
How long have you known your best friend?
Do your friends ever share things with you that you'd rather not know?
Do you own a pair of binoculars?
Have you ever lied in the back of a jeep with someone?
Do you get accused of using too much toilet paper?
Do you know who Peter North is?
^- Is it creepy that *I* know who he is?
Do you have nice handwriting?
How much do you weight?
Funniest commercial?
Are you a sensitive creature?
Have you ever napped during 1st period?
Are your parents oblivious?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
If so, tell me about him/her.(:
Surfing or swimming?
Snowboarding or skiing?
Have you ever had organic peanut butter?
How many hours of sleep a night do you need to function properly?
When's the last time you slid down a slide?
Do you still play on playgrounds with your friends, erry now & then?
Have you ever babysat?
Do you know anyone who isn't, but is like a sibling, to you?